November 2022
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November 2022

November 2022

Black Friday Deals

This holiday season FlexRadio is offering holiday bundles and with everything you need to get on the air quickly. 

Whether you are a contester, DXer, Remote Operator, or are looking for the ultimate Dream Station, we have a special for you.  

Sale is valid for U.S. customers from November 12th – 30th. For holiday specials outside of the U.S, visit your local dealer for specials in your area of the world.

FLEX-6400 DX Station Bundle:

Retail price = $2823.92

Bundle Sale = $2648.92 ($175 in savings!)

FLEX-6400/ATU DX Station Bundle:

Retail price = $3173.92

Bundle Sale = $2973.92 ($200 in savings!)

FLEX-6600 Contest Station Bundle:

Retail price = $5397.97

Bundle Sale = $5097.97 ($300 in savings!)

FLEX Dream Station Bundle:

Retail price = $15,747

Bundle Sale = $14,172 ($1575 in savings!)

FLEX-6400 Remote Station Bundle:

Retail price = $3048.97

Bundle Sale = $2873.97 ($175 in savings!)

FLEX-6600 Remote Station Bundle:

Retail price = $4998.97

Bundle Sale = $4698.97 ($300 in savings!)

For additional deals and discounts on individual product purchases contact and tell us what you are looking for this holiday season.

Sales team news

Help us welcome Andy, VA3CW and Dave, WO2X to our FlexRadio sales team.

If you are looking to make a purchase or a trade or just have a question on products to help guide you in your purchase decision, it is likely that Andy or Dave will be responding to your email or taking your phone call. Both long time hams and FlexRadio operators, you couldn’t be in better hands. Here’s a little background on them both. Welcome Andy and Dave.


Andy’s introduction to ham radio was as a Boy Scout through the annual JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) event. In 1975 he wrote his ticket as a thirteen-year-old and was licensed as VE3EKF. Over the years Andy has enjoyed chasing DX, contesting, building repeaters and especially operating CW! As a result of a “pandemic move”, he’s recently rebuilt his station and antennas and is keen to share the experience and insights of that with others. If he’s not at the key, Andy is likely on a bicycle, chasing his triathlete XYL during her training. 

Dave WO2X

Dave was first licensed in 1983. His introduction to ham radio was on local 220 MHz repeaters where he met his Elmer Dave, K2EE (former WA2VKH). Dave would go over to K2EE’s shack and get on HF and was hooked since. Dave is an avid DX’er, a member of FRC contest club, and President of the North Jersey DX Association. He is active on the HF bands. Dave is also very active with Node-Red for the Ham Radio group, which leverages Node-Red to enhance remote station operation. Learn more here.


FLEX-6000 Series

Our production line is running and for the most part building and shipping new radios as quickly as possible with minimal delays. This is great news but it can be subject to change at times. If you are thinking of ordering a new radio, you can always check with us for the latest status.

M-models (FLEX-6400M & FLEX-6600M) transceivers are currently out of stock due to industry part shortages. If you had an order for a FLEX-6400M or FLEX-6600M  placed prior to August 15th, 2022 that order will have been filled. Any M model orders placed after this date will remain in our back order queue. In that case, your credit card will only be authorized and NOT charged until your order is ready to ship. At this time, we do not have an estimated date for delivery on the M model transceivers.

Maestro production continues to be delayed. Our target is to be back in production late Spring/early Summer 2023 but we are still tackling numerous supply chain issues that are forcing the redesign of some elements. We are committed to trying to pull in this schedule as much as possible as we know many of our customers have been patiently waiting far too long for this product. Orders that have been placed are still on file and you will not be charged until the product is ready to ship and we confirm that you still want to take delivery.


Club presentations

Michael VA3MW, continues to deliver remote presentations to clubs worldwide (in English). If you would like him to deliver a presentation based on the FlexRadio product in general or getting started in building a FlexRadio remote HF station, please reach out to us at and we will get back to you. 

Trade ins / Trade ups

Don’t forget about our Trade-In program if you are a customer in the United States.

FlexRadio makes offers to trade in your old ham radio gear or trade up your current FlexRadio gear for the latest and greatest solutions from FlexRadio.  

For more information, visit our Trade-In program page


FlexRadio is looking for a Business Development Associate to help grow their government/commercial markets. 

Visit this page for more information on this position.

Address Change

Notification of Address Change

FlexRadio has recently consolidated its two office suites, located in the same business park, into one. With the continuation of a work-from-home model, FlexRadio has chosen to consolidate its office spaces to encourage a more cohesive work environment, bringing our amateur and government/commercial teams under one roof. Our updated mailing address is as follows:

4616 W. Howard Lane
Ste. 8-860
Austin, TX 78728

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