Achieve Shack Harmony. 

Operate intelligently and make the most out of your dual RX transceiver. Perfect for your 6600, 6700, or any mix of radios for Single Operator, Two Radio (SO2R), and multi-operator contesting.

The Antenna Genius 8×2 is a smart matrix antenna switch that supports eight antennas and two radios. Intentionally designed for LAN/WAN control to help you realize the potential of your shack. 

Note: RF on 6M / 50Mhz needs to be limited to 800 watts for Constant Carrier Modes such as FT8, RTTY, etc.

  • Hardware-level interlock systems prevent two radios from connecting to the same antenna.
  • Antenna Genius ensures your RX antennas will not be used for TX.
  • Automatic antenna switching for FlexRadio transceivers, 4O3A Interface Genius, BCD or manually by our Windows app or Pin To Port.
  • Rugged stainless steel chassis with wall mount flange.
  • User programmable band ranges.
  • Capable of 3000W @ 1.5:1 VSWR CCS (e.g. RTTY) duty cycle for five minutes.


  • Weight: 112 oz
  • Width: 13 in
  • Depth: 16 in
  • Height: 7 in
  • 160M through 6M bands.
  • Port isolation is up 20 dB better than other brands. Perfect if you are using SO2R or one radio full duplex (e.g. FlexRadio 6000 series).
  • TCP/IP (100-Mbps Ethernet) built in, DHCP-assigned or static IP address.
  • Dimensions: 12.6”H x 7.1”W x 3.75”D (32 x 18 x 8.5 cm)
  • Weight: 7 lbs (3.2 kg)
  • Highest port-to-port isolation on the market. Typical values are 75dB @ 50-MHz, 81dB @ 30-MHz, > 90dB @ 14-MHz.
  • DC power, RJ-45 (100-Mbps Ethernet), 2 x 15-pin DE-15 socket (VGA style)
  • Requires 13.8-VDC power supply (2.1mm x 5.5mm)
  • Power Consumption: 13.8-VDC @ 300mA.
  • Can add optional Output Modules with 16 relay outputs.
  • Antenna Genius 8 × 2 Plus can be combined into a “super-switch”, extending the number of antenna ports to 16, 24 or 32.
  • Can be remotely controlled over LAN or internet.
  • Configurable by an intuitive Windows app.

Plug and Play

Complete the Genius Solution with an Antenna Genius and enjoy SO2R operations with plug and play setup. Integration with your favorite software is as easy as ever with a comprehensive API that supports logging, contesting, digital modes, etc. The Antenna Genius is designed to work with the FlexRadio 6000 series transceivers but will work with most modern HF radios.

More Options. Less Cost

Cut costs complexity in half. FlexRadio Genius products allow one radio tuner, amplifier and antenna switch to do the work of more than twice as much gear. If that’s not enough, regular firmware updates continue to add valuable features to your Antenna Genius free of charge for the life of the product.

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