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Certified Pre-Owned

FlexRadio’s Certified Pre-owned (CPO) Program is equipment that has been acquired through FlexRadio’s reverse logistics, demo returns, TradeIn/TradeUp programs and other situational opportunities. Flex’s CPO products, while not “new”, have been processed by our service shop for the following:

  • Inspection: Each radio is subjected to a thorough physical and visual inspection.
  • Testing: A comprehensive set of diagnostic tests are performed and the radio is recalibrated.
  • Repair: Units that fail any inspection and testing are repaired with the faulty components and boards replaced with genuine parts from FlexRadio’s part inventory. The repaired units are retested and burned-in.
  • Restore default configuration: the radio is decommissioned with all previous owner and configuration settings removed and the unit is returned to default settings.
  • Upgrades: each radio’s serial number is checked against our database to determine what firmware/hardware upgrades (Engineering Change Orders) are required and then implemented.
  • Software: a valid software license is installed if required.
  • Cleaning: each unit is thoroughly cleaned and detailed.
  • Packaging: each unit is carefully wrapped, placed in a new protective shipping box and sealed in preparation for delivery.

In addition, our CPO products come with a specified limited warranty and on-line HelpDesk support as outlined below:

  • FLEX-6000 Series Radios: One year limited hardware warranty and on-line HelpDesk support.
  • Maestro: 1-year limited hardware warranty, phone support and on-line HelpDesk support.

Trade In Non-Flex Gear

Trade in your amateur radio equipment toward a FlexRadio.

Trade In Flex Gear

Trade in your Flex gear toward a newer model.

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