The FLEX-8600 offers the ultimate performance direct sampling SDR technology and the best value for the serious HF/6m operator.

Supporting Adaptive Predistortion

The FLEX-8600 model is designed for the Ham who wants to operate the radio exclusively as a server from PC, laptop, Maestro, Mac* or iOS* clients – whether local or remote.

Both models share the same game-changing band awareness, industry-leading phase noise performance / receiver dynamic range, and brick wall filters to give you the advantage in the most competitive DXing or contesting activities while maximizing your fun in casual operations.

With a PC, laptop, or Mac client you can utilize up to four 14 MHz spectrum/waterfall displays and independent receivers to revolutionize your view of the bands, especially on digital modes. Antenna Tuner is included.

Contest grade filters, ultra-low spurious emissions, and the ability to operate full duplex cross band on two antennas let you transmit on one band while receiving on another – no external equipment required. Even switch to synchronous diversity reception when needed to help you pick out the weak ones in the midst of QRM.

By adding FlexRadio’s Power Genius XL LDMOS solid-state amplifier, a complete legal limit, all-mode SO2R station is now practical with one radio, one amp and only three interconnect cables–half the cost and none of the complexity.

FlexRadio’s industry-leading SmartSDRTM software offers compatibility across the entire FLEX-8000 Signature Series family to deliver continuous leveraged software enhancement. And you can use the latest SmartLinkTM technology to access your radio virtually anywhere from any SmartSDRTM compatible client with only a login and password – even your iPhone.

* Mac OSX SmartSDR and iOS SmartSDR clients are provided by third-party vendors

  • 100W PEP HF-6m operation
  • All modes/all bands
  • Integrated Remote Operation with Maestro, PC/Laptop, Mac, IPad® or iPhone®
  • 4 Independent Band / Mode Receivers
  • Full Duplex Cross-Band Operation
  • True Diversity Reception
  • Two Receive-Only Ports
  • Two Transverter/Exciter Ports (can also be used for receive antennas)
  • Economical SO2R Solution – (OTSPR) Support in One Radio
  • Contest Band Filters: >50dB Rejection band-to-band
  • Direct Sampling SDR 245.76 Msps – 16 bit
  • 115 dB 2kHz RMDR
  • >155 dB Dynamic Range
  • Built-in Antenna Tuner
  • 10 MHz Reference Input
  • Integrated GPS receiver with antenna maintains radio frequency with no adjustments
  • Optional GPSDO Option for ultra high frequency precision and accuracy
  • Optional MARS/CAP/SHARES TX Expansion Module


  • Weight: 272 oz
  • Width: 18 in
  • Depth: 19 in
  • Height: 12 in


  • 4 Independent Band/Mode Receivers (Max)
  • ½ kHz Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range (RMDR): 110/115 dB
  • ADC Bits/Sampling Rate: 16/245.76 Msps
  • Frequency Coverage: 30 kHz-54 MHz
  • Amateur Band Preselectors: 7th Order Contest bands, 3rd Order Other
  • Cable-less Digital Audio (DAX/DAX IQ) Channels: 4/4
  • Receive Only Ports (Base/Including XVTR Port): 2/4
  • Full Duplex RX/TX Operation
  • Simultaneous Receive on Two Antennas (e.g. 20m & 6m)
  • Single Radio SO2R Operation – No external equipment
  • Diversity Reception


  • 160m-6m Transmitter Output: 1-100W (25W AM)
  • Harmonic Suppression (Typ): <60 dBc
  • Transverter Ports: 2
  • Transverter Frequency Coverage/Power: 100kHz – 54 MHz/0 to +10 dBm
  • Integrated Automatic Antenna Tuner Range: 3:1 SWR
  • Optional Continuous MARS/CAP Coverage with Extended Transmit Filter


  • Integrated Remote Operation (SmartLinkTM)
  • Maestro, PC, Mac, iPhone® and iPad® Client Options
  • Frequency Stability (0⁰C – 50⁰C) 0.5ppm (TCXO)
  • Integrated 12-channel GNSS Receiver, TTFF < 35s:
    • GPS: L1C/A, Sensitivity: Hot >-162dBm, Cold >-148dBm, tracking and reacquisition >-162dBm
    • GLONASS:
  • Optional Disciplined Oscillator (5 x 10-12 Over 24 Hours)
  • External 10MHz Reference Input
  • Power Supply Requirements 13.8 VDC +/- 15% (14 VDC Nominal)
  • Dimensions 6.74”H (17.1 cm) x 14”W (35.6 cm) x 13.25”D (33.7 cm)

1. RTTY and other digital modes use 3rd party software over DAX channels.

Plug & Play Remote1

  • No complex setup required
  • Operate anywhere, any time
  • Use a Maestro, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Laptop
  • Across the country or across the world

Anywhere, Anytime, From Any Of These Devices:
With SmartLink and a FLEX-8600 you can operate your radio from almost anywhere! Just take
an iPhone, iPad, Laptop, or Maestro with you and instantly connect to your radio using an
Internet connection.

Best in Class Performance

  • 115db RMDR
  • No listening fatigue
  • Ultra-Low Phase Noise
  • Full Break-in QSK CW
  • Brick Wall Filters
  • Stunning transmit audio

Backed by an Amazing Suite of Software

  • SmartSDR for Windows
  • SmartSDR for Mac2
  • SmartSDR for iOS2
  • SmartSDR CAT
  • DAX

1 – SmartLink Remote Requires SmartSDR V2.x License or Later. Requires an Internet connection.
2 – SmartSDR for Mac and SmartSDR for iOS are optional, 3rd party software for pay options.

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