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FlexRadio Flex-6400


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100W Transmit Output 160-6m
Maximum Simultaneous
Panadapter/Waterfalls & Slice Receivers
2 2 4 4 8
Reciprocal Mixing Receiver Dynamic
115 dB 115 dB 115 dB 115 dB 116 dB
ADC Sampling Rate 122.88 Msps 122.88 Msps 245.76 Msps 245.76 Msps 245.76 Msps
Contest Grade Preselectors 3rd Order 3rd Order 7th Order 7th Order 3rd Order
Spectrum / Waterfall Maximum
7 MHz 7 MHz 14 MHz 14 MHz 14 MHz
Automatic Antenna Tuner OPT OPT
Cableless Digital Modes
Full Duplex Operation
Simple Remote over Native WAN
Maestro, PC, MAC and iPAD Operation
External 10MHz Reference Input
Receive Only Inputs including
Transverter Ports
2 2 4 4 3
Continuous MARS/CAP TX Coverage OPT OPT OPT OPT
GPS Disciplined Oscillator Option OPT OPT OPT OPT OPT
Diversity Reception    
Single Radio SO2R    
Dedicated Balanced Mic Input
2 Meter RX/TX (5dBm output power)        
Integrated Display Resolution   1920×1200   1920×1200  
Integrated Display Size   8 in   8 in  
Touch screen type   Capacitive   Capacitive  
HDMI Output      

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