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Flex Insider April 2023

Welcome to the April 2023 Flex Insider!

Throughout the year we will be highlighting partners, customers, stations, and more as we review our history and our contributions to the development of modern-day ham radio.

Let’s start by hearing a bit about how FlexRadio solutions have contributed to your operating experience over the years. Send us a short (30 sec to 1 min) video wishing us a “Happy 20 Years”, or a picture of your FLEX station set-up, to be included in our celebration video compilation.

We are still looking for more contributors to the growing list of great contributions we have received already.

Product updates

Radio production update

It took a bit longer than previously stated due to an unexpected snag in the delivery of PA boards. Boards are due in-house this week and we expect our production line for both the FLEX-6400 and FLEX-6600 transceivers to be in full operation in early May.   

Our backlog will be addressed first followed by any new orders made once production is back online. If you have a current order in place, we will be reaching out prior to shipping to finalize your payment. Many thanks for your patience.

Tuner Genius

Due to high demand, the availability of Tuner Genius is running three to four weeks from the time of order. We are working with our supplier to accelerate deliveries in hopes of reducing lead times. 

Power Genius XL – In stock

Power Genius XL‘s are in stock and reading for immediate shipping. Upgrade your shack to really big QRO power! We always have a special in place for these, so reach out to Dave or Andy directly to see what it is.

We do take trade ins as well.  Isn’t it time to upgrade?

Power Genius XL v3.7.32 Firmware and Utility

FlexRadio announces the immediate availability of the Power Genius XL Firmware v3.7.32 and Power Genius Utility. Power Genius XL v3.7.32 is a maintenance release intended for use with all Power Genius XL amplifiers, that includes performance enhancements and bug fixes. We highly recommend upgrading to the Power Genius XL Firmware v3.7.32 as soon as possible.

More details can be found in the FlexRadio Community.

Hamvention update

Purchasing banquet tickets

Order your tickets online!

With your ticket purchase for the Banquet, you will also be required to answer a few questions for each ticket.  

  1. Your T-Shirt Size
  2. Your Dinner Choice 

As you go through the purchasing process, it looks like you are purchasing extra tickets, and, in a way you are, however, those are $0 tickets and are used to confirm your dinner entree choice and your T-Shirt size. This means that every person actually gets 3 tickets so that we can track your choice.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at info@flexradio.com.

Dayton Hamvention 2023 Customer Banquet

Join us in Dayton, Ohio on May 18th and 19th for our annual customer banquets where you will get the opportunity to enjoy an evening with other FlexRadio, 20 and 21st, 2023. It is a great opportunity to meet up with many of the FlexRadio staff.

Our guest speaker for Thursday, May 18th is Dr. Nathaniel Frissell Ph.D., W2NAF.  

Nathaniel is an Assistant Professor of Physics and Engineering at The University of Scranton. Nathaniel’s passion for radio and radio science began in middle school when he was introduced to the amateur radio hobby through scouting.

In his presentation, he will describe the HamSCI Personal Space Weather Station Project and show how amateur radio observation networks such as the Reverse Beacon Network (RBN), Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network (WSPRNet), and PSKReporter/FT8 can be used to study ionospheric effects, including those caused by the upcoming October 14, 2023, Annular and April 8, 2024, Total Solar Eclipses.

Our guest speaker for Friday, May 19th is Bob Brehm, AK6R.

Bob Brehm, AK6R, is the Chief Engineer at Palomar Engineers. He was first licensed in 1963 as WN6QFA and WB6QFA. Bob is active in CW, RTTY, and SSB contests and now also restores old Tube gear that he routinely operates CW, AM, and SSB on 80 and 40M. Bob also uses the entire FlexRadio ecosystem including a 6600, Power Genius XL, and a Tuner Genius XL with his huge antenna farm.

Cool stories

VA7BIX’s first FlexRadio QSO 

Simon VA7BIX has his first FlexRadio QSO on his radio that he placed in Australia! 13,034 km via SmartLink

How’s that for Plug and Play!

Simon’s 6400 is located at his brother-in-law’s sheep farm in VK3 land.  

Pre-loved radios

Certified pre-loved equipment

FlexRadio also offers Certified Pre-loved Equipment as an option for those interested in saving or with a specific model in mind. All of our Pre-loved products have been completely QA’ed, tested, and calibrated before being offered, and each is covered by a product-specific warranty.

Have questions about our Certified Pre-loved Equipment or need assistance with an order? Please give Andy or Dave a call at 512-535-4713 – option 1 or email us at sales@flex-radio.com.

Trade ins / Trade ups

Trade in your Radio or Amplifier

The FlexRadio Trade-In program* is available for you to trade in your older ham radio gear or trade up your current FlexRadio gear (HF Radios and Amplifiers) for the latest and greatest solutions from FlexRadio.  

For more information, visit our Trade-In program page or you can call us to discuss this at any time. 

*This program is for customers in the United States only.

2023 Events

Calendar of Events

Hamvention, Dayton – May 19-21
FlexRadio Customer Banquet at Dayton (two options available) – May 18 or 19.

SeaPac – Seaside, OR – June 2-4

Huntsville Hamfest – August 19-20


Club Presentations

Michael, VA3MW, continues to deliver remote presentations to clubs worldwide (in English). If you would like him to deliver a presentation based on the FlexRadio product in general or getting started in building a FlexRadio remote HF station, please reach out to us at info@flexradio.com and we will get back to you. 

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