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64006600-Top-WEB Purchasing Programs Like an ancient ship, an old ham radio should be considered an artifact, characterized by the far reaches it took its captain and crew. And like any sea-bearing vessel, as long as it has its sails intact there is no reason why it can't be restored and chartered again. BUY NOW TRADE UP

Trade in Your Gear

Flex and Non-Flex Equipment Accepted

FlexRadio is offering customers the opportunity to trade in their old equipment for brand new gear. Just fill out the form below. Once we receive your form our sales team will respond with a trade offer which upon your approval, will lead to a discounted order. Once your radio arrives at our headquarters, we check it out and if everything is legit, we send you your brand new equipment.

Step 1

Get in touch about your
out of date tech.

Step 2

You ship in your
old equipment.

Step 3

You get a brand new Flex Radio to
continue your adventures in ham radio.

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Buy a Pre-Loved Radio

We believe ham radios, new or old, should live on. There are far too many contacts to be made, and discoveries to be found. Check out our inventory of refurbished radios.


Our Full Inspection Process

If you’re interested in buying used equipment, we have an inspection process that guarantees what you buy is adequate. This inspection process includes:

A Full Factory
Test & Calibration


A Brand New

The Latest Software
(Up to $199 Value)

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  • Inspection: Each radio is subjected to a thorough physical and visual inspection.
  • Testing: A comprehensive set of diagnostic tests are performed and the radio is recalibrated.
  • Repair: Units that fail any inspection and testing are repaired with the faulty components and boards replaced with genuine parts from FlexRadio’s part inventory. The repaired units are retested and burned-in.
  • Restore default configuration: the radio is decommissioned with all previous owner and configuration settings removed and the unit is returned to default settings.
  • Upgrades: each radio’s serial number is checked against our database to determine what firmware/hardware upgrades (Engineering Change Orders) are required and then implemented.
  • Software: a valid software license is installed if required.
  • Cleaning: each unit is thoroughly cleaned and detailed.
  • Packaging: each unit is carefully wrapped, placed in a new protective shipping box and sealed in preparation for delivery.

In addition, our CPO products come with a specified limited warranty and on-line HelpDesk support as outlined below:

  • FLEX-6000 Series Radios: One year limited hardware warranty and on-line HelpDesk support.
  • Maestro: 1-year limited hardware warranty, phone support and on-line HelpDesk support.
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