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FlexRadio Systems designs, develops and manufactures a line of commercial / government systems solutions targeted towards applications such as surveillance, public safety, emergency communications and other customized applications.

Multichannel HF Digitizers

Our channelizing digitizers leverage FlexRadio Systems’ superior SDR technology to provide up to 32 synchronous, 200kHz bandwidth receiver channels – each delivering greater than 100dB two-tone, third order close spaced dynamic range.  The output is streamed over Gigabit Ethernet using the industry standard VITA-49 communications protocol.

Multichannel L-Band/IF Digitizers

Simultaneously capture, digitize and stream up to 24 channels of wideband satellite or terrestrial IF signals in the 950 to 2150 MHz frequency range.  Each independent receiver/digitizers allows for selectable tuning frequencies, bandwidth, and sampling rates for maximum system flexibility.  Systems are industry standard VITA-49 or SDDS communications protocol compliant.

HF/VHF Wideband Receiver

Receive up to eight (8) different band segments on two (2) separate antennas in the most demanding RF environments, all while vastly improving operator situational awareness over traditional radio architectures.  Continuous frequency coverage from 20kHz to 72MHz plus 135 to 165MHz is available with up to 14 MHz of instantaneous spectrum display per panadapter.