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Plug & Play Remote*

  • Operate anywhere, any time via the Internet
  • Use a Maestro, iPad, iPhone or Laptop
  • Across the country or across the world
  • No complex network setup required
  • No specialized hardware needed
  • Complete control

Continuous Improvement

New Software = New Radio

Regular software updates mean your radio continues to get better over time.  Just download the latest software and you get a new radio!

Powerful features with a simple implementation

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Download the Latest Version

SmartSDR Software Version 2.4.9

FlexRadio announces the availability of SmartSDR for Windows version 2.4.9, which is a SmartSDR general release containing new features and software defect fixes. For a summary of what is new for SmartSDR v2.4.9, please refer to the SmartSDR v2.4.9 Release Announcement on the Community. The SmartSDR for Windows installation package includes SmartSDR CAT, DAX, and release notes which contain important release specific information regarding software features, bug fixes and release caveats.

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Build Your Station.

*SmartLink Remote Requires SmartSDR V2.x License. Requires internet connection. **Requires customer supplied battery.

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