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multiFLEX Imagine the possibilities! 2 Operators, 1 Radio Now Available With SmartSDR v3

Maestro and PC at the same time

Have your cake and eat it too. With multiFLEX you no longer need to choose between a Maestro and a PC. Now you can operate both at the same time. It’s like having two separate radios!

Mix and match your devices:

Laptop Laptop Laptop_SDR_Transparent Desktop Desktop iPad iPad iPhone iPhone Maestro Maestro Maestro-transparent-shadow

Maestro Maestro Maestro-transparent-shadow iPhone iPhone iPad iPad Desktop Desktop Laptop Laptop Laptop_SDR_Transparent

Share your radio with a friend

  • Share a quiet receive site
  • Listen to your transmit signal on a friends radio
  • Operate two users remotely
  • Elmer a new ham

Half the cost and equipment for Multi-1, Multi-2 or Multi-Multi contesting

With multiFLEX you can slash the cost and complexity of your multi-1, multi-2 or multi-multi contest station by utilizing a single radio for two operators. No more messy cables and control boxes. Everything is handled magically for you. Oh, and Power Genius XL lets you run high power Multi-1 with a single amplifier.

For multi-op contesters, sharing the best antenna is a big deal

With multiFLEX, both the search & pounce operator and the run operator can utilize the same antenna. This means that they both can use the best antenna instead of having one restricted to lower performance. Better antenna = more contacts.

Now Available with SmartSDR v3.0

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6400 6600_home2 6600M FLEX-6400 Share with Your Buddy 6600 6600_home2 6600M FLEX-6600 Multi-Op Contest Radio 6700 FLEX-6700 6700Limited-Angle 2 Operators With 4 Receivers Each PGXL PowerGenius XL PGXL2 Share the Power Meastro Maestro Two Maestros with One Radio Maestro Front View

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*SmartLink Remote Requires SmartSDR V2.x License. Requires internet connection. **Requires customer supplied battery.
Specifications subject to change without notice. 1Requires optional GPSDO module 2Requires 3rd party software.

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