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FlexRadio Systems utilizes multiple resources to provide users up-to-date information and assistance on the operation of FlexRadio Systems’ products.

In addition to the more traditional support options such as the HelpDesk, Downloads and FLEX Series Knowledge Base listed below, FlexRadio Systems also utilizes a web-based customer community concept, simply referred to as the “Community“, which allows users to easily interact with FlexRadio Systems employees and other FlexRadio users in an informal manner.

Augmenting traditional support methodologies with a user-centric Community approach provides additional benefits to all customers by capitalizing on a wider range of knowledge, information, and experiences. In addition to finding answers to questions, the Community allows FlexRadio Systems to develop and prioritize product ideas and enhancements based on direct customer input. Our overall goal of providing and supporting a customer community is the enhancement of the overall customer experience by allowing customers to connect with FlexRadio Systems on a personal and professional level.


The primary way to receive official support directly from FlexRadio Systems is by using our HelpDesk. By submitting a HelpDesk support ticket, you are assigned a unique incident or case number after which one of our Tech Support Engineers will be assigned to investigate and address your issue. The HelpDesk uses a convenient web based interface or you can respond via e-mail. There are even iPad and Android apps that you can use to access your HelpDesk ticket.


FlexRadio Systems provides an extensive catalog of software products, “how to” guides, technical documentation, user guides, white papers and other electronic media that is available for download using a convenient and intuitive tree like directory structure. Just expand main product folder to view the sub categories or you can use the Search box located in the right hand side bar of any page for easily locating the download of your choice.

Knowledge Base

Created specifically for our FLEX Series products, the Flex Series Knowledge Base is a web based application that contains over 500 articles related to the use and operation of the FLEX-1500 software defined radios running the FlexRadio Systems PowerSDR software. In addition to articles related to the current FLEX Series FLEX-1500 software defined radio, the Knowledge Base also contains information about the FLEX-5000, FLEX-3000 and the original SDR-1000 SDRs.