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FLEX-6000 Series


SmartSDR for Windows

Power Genius XL

Application Programmer Interface (API)



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1302, 2019

Thoughts on Orlando HamCation 2019 – Steve Hicks

Whenever I return from a hamfest, I get the same question from those that didn’t get to participate: “How was it?”  Everyone has their own idea of what makes a good hamfest, but over the years I’ve seen a lot of commonality among views across the ham community.  For example, for outdoor swapfests the weather is always an important element -- if you’re able to browse at a leisurely pace with a little sunshine and a nice breeze [...]

311, 2018

FlexRadio In the World

Our family of Flexers come from all walks of life. This being the case, we tend to see news about FlexRadio sprout up in a variety of locations. Check out all the different places we've been featured recently: HACKADAY: Saving Ham Radio Or Killing It? ARRL: Practice Makes Perfect with FT8 and Other WSJT-X Protocols  

1610, 2018

FT8 – Tipping Point for Ham Radio?

This is a view from NASA of the sun today, October 9, 2018, and I am making 10m DX contacts one after another.  Zero sunspots but working DX on FT8!  Is FT8 creating a “tipping point” for amateur radio at the very bottom of the solar cycle? Several years ago I was captivated by a book written by Malcolm Gladwell called, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference.  Merriam-Webster defines tipping point as, “the [...]

2208, 2018

The Dream Frequency

It was before we got all that we have, that it was the hardest to believe our dreams would come true. Now, it seems like it wasn’t meant to be any other way. But still, we can’t forget about what we held close that made us feel so inspired to begin with. For some, it might have been a bike, a ball, or maybe even a game of some sort. For others, dreams came in the form of radio waves [...]

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