This device is for the purpose of connecting a FlexRadio to a wireless network when it is not possible to connect the radio directly to the router with a physical cable.


  • WR-902AC Wi-F Travel Router
  • RJ45 Ethernet Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USB Cable

This package is sold as a convenience option for FlexRadio owners.

Note: FlexRadio does not provide support for this device. This product is sold ‘as is’. Please contact the manufacturer for support if needed.

WiFi data connect speeds can vary for each installation. Your WiFi performance can be impacted by not only the users in your own home, but also by your neighbors WiFi. WiFi connections are shared by over a common radio frequency and can affect streaming radio data. WiFi that is heavily used may impact the performance of your Flex 6000 series radio.

Users of this device should expect occasional dropouts which can result in disconnecting from the radio when operating over SmartLink. FlexRadio is not responsible for the performance of this device.

It is highly recommended that a hard wired LAN connection be used and to have your radio connected to your home LAN.

We realize that this is not always possible and provide this as a possible solution. Please review: