October 2022
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October 2022

QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo

FlexRadio Systems was the Platinum sponsor of the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo recently presented in September 2022.

Part of the Expo’s value-add is the amazing number of presentations made by many Amateurs from all over the world. If you missed out on the presentations (over 50), you can review them here.

Our FlexRadio team presented a number of presentations, including:

  • FlexRadio and the Future of Amateur Radio – Matt Youngblood, KD5FGE
  • FlexRadio and the Future Technologies – Steve Hicks, N5AC
  • Using a FlexRadio for Future Users and What to Expect – Michael Walker, VA3MW
  • Are You Optimizing All You Can from Your Receiver – Tim Ellison, W4TME
  • Helpdesk Tickets and Getting the Most out of the Process – Ken Wells, NM9P
  • Future Systems Australia and How Ham Radio is a Part of it -Steve Kennedy, VK6SJ
  • The FlexRadio Ham Shack – The Everyman Station Lou Dietrich, N2TU
  • Hide Your Rig, Not Your Signal! – Andy Mitchell, VA3CW

We have all the videos on our YouTube site PlayList.

Product updates

Product Shipment Updates

Providing updates to our customers regarding the state of product shipments is turning out to be a real challenge in the current state of the industry. On-going challenges with the supply chain are never predictable and we are doing our best to provide updates on deliveries based on what we know at the moment. What we believe is a good date or information on any given day can change on a dime. Knowing this, it is important to share that FlexRadio has, and continues, to make ongoing investments to buy inventory as it becomes available, expend engineering resources to qualify optional components continually, and has expanded our part sourcing through multiple channels, etc.

In light of this, here is what we know about current product deliverables:

FLEX-6000 Series

Our production line is running but daily challenges at our board house have kept us at a non-optimal pace in filling back-orders. We expect to be caught up with all radio backlog orders by late October / early November. Therefore, any new orders placed will likely be in the queue to ship in the next four to six weeks.

Shop all radio models.

M-models (FLEX-6400M & FLEX-6600M)

transceivers are currently out of stock due to industry part shortages. If you have an existing order in place for a FLEX-6400M or FLEX-6600M your order will be filled. However, if you placed an order after August 15th, 2022 that order will be in our M-model back-order queue. In that case, your credit card will only be authorized and NOT charged until your order is ready to ship. At this time, we do not have an estimated date for delivery on the M model transceivers. 

Maestro Status

Getting the Maestro product back to market has continued to be a challenge. As stated in past updates, this has been a result of not only the timing of resources on the project but the long-standing supply chain issue. As stated above, these supply chain issues are now impacting the front panel of M model transceivers.  

In our last update, we stated the end of 1Q2023 for our expectation of Maestro delivery but our confidence in that date continues to wane based on updates from suppliers. We are working on alternate solutions and it will likely be another two to three months before we feel confident in sharing an update on the expected delivery date.

We encourage our customers to stay on the backlog list as it will ensure or lock you into the price of the unit at the time the order was placed. Your card will never be charged until we are actually ready to ship a unit. You will always be notified prior to shipment and always have the option to cancel when the time comes.  

SmartSDR 3.4

Work continues on SmartSDR v3.4. Testing is ongoing with our alpha team and we expect to be on track with a target release date sometime in late October/early November. In addition, release planning and resource allocation is already underway for SmartSDR v3.5.

Power Genius XL / Tuner Genius XL

We’ve been able to successfully work with the manufacturer of the Power Genius XL and keep ahead of demand by pulling in products to maintain a steady inventory. Therefore, the Power Genius XL is in stock, on sale, and ready to ship within 48 hrs of purchase, if not sooner.

In addition, we’ve completely worked through our backlog of the Tuner Genius XL product and expect it to be in stock in a few weeks once we receive our next shipment. Both versions of the Tuner, SO2R and 1×3, can be ordered online and will ship sometime in November. For bundle deals, Power Genius XL/Tuner Genius XL purchase, please contact sales@flexradio.com to inquire about additional savings.

Antenna Genius

Antenna Genius is currently on backorder. Our next delivery from the manufacturer is expected in the late December timeframe but as we know, dates can change depending on supply chain delays.

Again, we encourage you to stay on the list to lock in your purchase price and you won’t be charged until the product is ready to ship.

SmartSDR for MAC – new features

Marcus, DL8MRE, has now added support for 4O3A’s Genius products, including the Antenna Genius, Rotator Genius and Tuner Genius.  

Control for the Power Genius XL is already part of SmartSDR for MAC and SmartSDR for iOS. Both also include a built-in FT8 client, RTTY client and much more. There is a lot more information regarding SmartSDR for iOS and SmartSDR for MAC here.

Hardware service

The summer months are always a busy time for our hardware service team and 2022 was not any different. In addition to a large influx of hardware service repairs, we are also consolidating our two office suites in Austin, into one.

This took service down for several days during the move and has resulted in putting our service team into a backlog situation on repairs, which has resulted in longer than normal repair times. We are working to get through the repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible while ensuring that we continue to do a thorough fix to ensure that your radio issue is thoroughly addressed before returning your radio to you.

You may notice that requests for updates are often delayed. We are not ignoring you at all and we will update you when your radio makes it to the next step of the repair cycle. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.

Trade ins

Don’t forget about our Trade-In program. FlexRadio provides offers to trade in your old ham radio gear for the latest and greatest solutions from Flex. 

Go here for more information.


Club presentations

Michael, VA3MW, continues to deliver remote presentations to clubs worldwide (in English). If you would like him to deliver a presentation based on the FlexRadio product in general or getting started in building a FlexRadio remote HF station, please reach out to us at info@flexradio.com and we will get back to you. 

Address change

Notification of Address Change

This month, FlexRadio has been in the process of consolidating its two office suites located in the same business park in Austin, TX. With the continuation of a work-from-home model, FlexRadio has chosen to consolidate their office spaces to encourage a more cohesive work environment, bringing our amateur and government/commercial teams under one roof. Our updated mailing address is as follows:

4616 W. Howard Lane
Ste. 8-860
Austin, TX 78728

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