Introduction to FlexRadio Support & Service – U.S.

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In the unfortunate event that your Flex rig ever needs to come back to the mothership to be serviced, this article will tell you a bit about a radio’s journey through the FlexRadio service department and what you, our valued customer, can do to help prepare it for a smooth ride. First and foremost, our HelpDesk ( ) is your friend.  If ever you encounter a problem with your radio, this is the best and first place to find a resolution.  Opening a HelpDesk ticket puts you in a queue where nine out of ten times our all Ham, customer-focused, support team can resolve issues remotely without the need to send your radio to the Austin Service Center.  This step is critical if we do need to service your radio because the information our support team gathers will help speed repair. This article introduces you to the FlexRadio service process and team members that shepard your radio through.  Your first line of contact will always be the Support department, comprised of the following team members: Tim Ellison, W4TME - Customer Experience Manager Ken Wells, NM9P - Support Technician Dan Quigley, N7HQ - Director, Amateur Products If your radio does need service, here are the team members at our Austin Service Center that care for your product: Katie Gartman - Shipping and Receiving Dawn Patterson, KI5FMO - Office Manager David Tkach, Ham-In-Training - Service Technician Toby Driscoll, N5SIM - Service Technician John Patterson, K5OOP - Technical Operations Manager Dan Quigley, N7HQ [...]

Mobility is freedom, and freedom changes everything.

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Meet a pioneer in modern HAM radio, Marcus Roskosch, DL8MRE Pioneers are explorers and trailblazers. They bring to life the places, things and possibilities that for the rest of us, aren’t even conceivable. And Marcus Roskosch, DL8MRE, is no different. A developer by trade and pioneer by heart, Marcus has made major contributions to HAM radio mobility. Developing applications like SmartSDR™ for iOS, Electronic Toolbox and Network Toolbox, he’s given operators the freedom to take their radio wherever they go. Learn about a true pioneer of modern HAM radio and his experience creating SmartSDR for iOS in this Q&A with Marcus Roskosch, DL8MRE.  Q: Tell me briefly about your path as a developer and pioneer.  A: I was a global CIO of a multibillion dollar international grocery discount chain for 15 years until I retired early at 44 in 2008. Before that, I was head of development of a company now known as Sage™ where I also won a few Software design awards. My goal for my retirement was to have more time for my family and my hobbies which are electronics, HAM radio and software development.  I bought my first iPhone® in 2007, right after the iPhone had been introduced. I started developing for it, even before the app store existed. Once the app store was available in 2008, I was able to get my first apps, iCluster® and Electronic Toolbox® on the app store. Steve Jobs also mentioned one of my apps when he introduced the iPad® in [...]

Mutiny On The Bands

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DXpedition - Oct 19 - Nov 1, Pitcairn Island - VP6R Q&A with Craig Thompson, K9CT DXpedition to Pitcairn Island The DXpedition is headed to a small island 1500 miles off the coast of Tahiti… which itself is a small island in the middle of nowhere; a little South Pacific Volcanic outcropping famed by the historical event the Mutiny on the Bounty. Pitcairn Island is a remote destination as beautiful as it is difficult to get to.  Fourteen operators will travel the some 8,000 miles and over 50 hours by plane, ship and longboat to operate 24 hours a day in teams of 3-4 for two weeks. What an adventure.  We recently had an opportunity to get an insider’s perspective into what this sort of thing is truly like. We spoke with Craig Thompson, K9CT, one of the operators going on this major trek who has been integral in the planning, logistics and finances for this, and many other DXpeditions. Craig is a big name in amatuer radio because he consistently takes the hobby to new levels. He’s also a big fan of FlexRadio Systems. FlexRadio contributed nine FLEX-6700 series radios and nine Maestros with supporting equipment and is the main sponsor behind the Pitcairn DXpedition, so we thought it fitting. Now here’s Craig.   Q:Talk a little bit about Pitcairn and how the DXpedition will go down.  CT: Pitcairn is famous for the Mutiny on the Bounty. It’s where the mutiny people hid and survived for years. It was [...]

Knobs and Buttons or Keyboard and Mouse? The Choice is Yours.

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Now, you can command and control SmartSDR from your radio or your PC. The choice is yours. Starting with release v3.1.7 of SmartSDR  you can now use your Maestro or M model FLEX- 6000 Series radio to control SmartSDR on your computer with the radio’s knobs, buttons and most menu controls.  SmartControl Benefits: Operate SmartSDR for Windows from your Maestro control surface. Simple to operate RIT and XIT   Tune into an off-frequency station, while still listening to Net Control The easiest way to open and operate “Splits”  A powerful, efficient tool for contesting Tune to two different receivers at the same time with ease  Change radio settings without interrupting logging or contesting software If you’re familiar with multiFLEX, SmartControl is similar but with one important difference. SmartControl allows you to use either the Maestro or M-model control surface to operate the slices being used by SmartSDR for Windows.  SmartControl is the power to operate however you want and to do it well. Whether you prefer the craftsmanship of precision knobs and controls or enjoy the benefits of a mouse and keyboard interface, it’s your shack, run it with authority.  In order to use this mode on your Maestro and M model radios, first upgrade to SmartSDR v3.1.7 or higher on your radio and PC. Run SmartSDR on your desktop so you can see the Padadapter and Waterfall. When Maestro loads, on the “Select a Version” screen, you will see a "SmartControl" button if v3.1 is installed. To learn more on [...]

FlexRadio Announces Strategic Partnership with Raytheon

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Raytheon - FlexRadio Team to Develop Airborne High Frequency Radio Air Force awards industry team $36 million contract Dear FlexRadio Customers, In a strategic partnership with Raytheon, FlexRadio has been selected by the US Air Force (USAF) to adapt its commercial off the shelf SmartSDR/FLEX-6000 architecture for HF modernization of airborne communications platforms. The joint press release with Raytheon can be found here. We are excited to convey that our proven modular direct sampling hardware, Open Waveform API, and IP based architecture provide a ready platform for agile development to meet 21st century communication needs. There is an old saying, "What goes around comes around." Throughout FlexRadio's history, commercial amateur products have been leveraged into defense products, which in turn, have been leveraged back into commercial products. We are certain that these efforts will cycle back again. So how might this development affect you? While I can't go into all the details, the positive impact to our business processes, infrastructure, intellectual property and human resources will enhance our amateur/commercial products and services. So stay tuned for more amateur product announcements coming soon. Thank you all for your support of FlexRadio. We appreciate your business and we invite you to celebrate with us on achieving this significant milestone. 73, Gerald

Thoughts on Orlando HamCation 2019 – Steve Hicks

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Whenever I return from a hamfest, I get the same question from those that didn’t get to participate: “How was it?”  Everyone has their own idea of what makes a good hamfest, but over the years I’ve seen a lot of commonality among views across the ham community.  For example, for outdoor swapfests the weather is always an important element -- if you’re able to browse at a leisurely pace with a little sunshine and a nice breeze while examining radio goodies, it always beats freezing rain!  This is one of the reasons that HamCation, held every February in Orlando, Florida is always a favorite of ours at FlexRadio. The weather is always above-par and last weekend was no exception with highs in the low 80s, plenty of sunshine and just a touch of rain.  I called home to check on my daughter and she informed me that back home in Austin it was “graupeling” (I had to look ‘graupel’ up again to remind myself that it is ‘soft hail’ or ‘snow pellets’). No thanks, I’ll take the weather in Orlando! For this year’s HamCation, we were asked by the Orlando Amateur Radio Club (OARC) to present to the club the day before the hamfest at their monthly meeting.  If you’ve ever put on a technical convention or hamfest, you know it’s a lot of work and it’s a little like going to your own wedding reception -- everyone else gets to enjoy the festivities and you’re lucky [...]

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