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Occasionally your FlexRadio Systems software defined radio or accessory may need service to keep it functioning in peak performing condition.  FlexRadio Systems provides a variety hardware repair services for their amateur products through Authorized Service Centers.  All commercial products are serviced at our headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Before sending in your product for service, it is recommended that you query the FlexRadio Community to make sure your issue is not easily resolved.  If you still have an issue, submit a request for support via the FlexRadio HelpDesk.  Once you are assigned a incident or ticket number, one of our Technical Support Engineers will determine if the issue your product is experiencing requires service or repair and will either issue you an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number for service in Austin, TX or refer you to another authorized Service Center.  An RMA number is required before any product is returned for service.  Upon receiving your RMA number, information regarding product packaging and shipping instructions will be provided.

Warranty Repairs

All FlexRadio Systems hardware products are covered by warranty for a minimum of 90 days.  Some products have longer warranty coverage periods up to two (2) years.  Refer to your individual product warranty for the exact warranty period term.

Product hardware warranties are bound to the original purchaser of the product unless applicable laws provide additional warranty service periods.  Purchasers of previously owned FlexRadio Systems products may purchase a Warranty Transfer for the remaining warranty period for a nominal fee.

Repair time for warranty service, which has the highest repair priority is estimated at approximately two weeks.  All repair times are estimates and are subject to change due to variations in work load.

All repairs are covered by a 90 day warranty or for the remainder of your original product warranty whichever is greater.

Non-Warranty Repairs

After receiving an RMA number you may contact the Service Department to get an estimate of the service fees for out of warranty products.  Service for out of warranty products has a lower priority than in-warranty products.  Discontinued or products out of production have the lowest repair priority.

The current bench rate for service and repair at the Austin facility is $99 per hour.  All out of warranty products will incur a minimum one (1) hour of service bench time for testing, analysis and re-calibration of your products to determine the exact issue.  Any time from the required 1 hour of bench time remaining after troubleshooting and calibration is complete will be applied to any additional repair services if required.

FlexRadio Systems makes every possible effort to support all of our legacy products to the best of our ability, however decreasing availability of OEM parts and supplies for these products may make them unserviceable.