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The Software that Launched the SDR Revolution in Ham Radio

FlexRadio Systems PowerSDR™ software provides all DSP and hardware control functions for FlexRadio Systems’ FLEX-1500, FLEX-3000* and FLEX-5000* software defined radios.  While software experimentation is encouraged, no programming experience is ever required to enjoy your software defined radio.  The complete application is provided in compiled form so that you can simply download, install and run it.  Written in a combination of ANSI C and C#, FlexRadio PowerSDR software is easy to learn and modify.  Source code is available to encourage amateur SDR research and experimentation.  The capabilities of the FlexRadio PowerSDR software are limited only by your imagination.

*FLEX-5000 manufacturing discontinued May 2013.
*FLEX-3000 manufacturing discontinued October 2014.

PowerSDR Feature Highlights

  • Real-Time High Resolution Multi-Function Panadapter Spectrum Display
  • PanaFall™ and PanaScope™ multi-displays for both Frequency and Time displays
  • Razor sharp, brick wall filters with resolution down to 10Hz with NO RINGING!
  • Continuously variable transmit and receive Passband filters
  • Visual Click Tune™ Frequency control
  • All digital AGC threshold control for optimal noise control
  • Dual VFOs and Dual-RX for enhanced Split mode operation
  • Receive and transmit audio Graphic Equalizer controls plus advanced transmit audio controls
  • Built-in Iambic memory keyer with keyboard entry feature
  • Seamless transverter support
  • Unlimited Memory channels
  • Over the air record and playback

Operating System Requirements
PowerSDR 2.x is a Windows 32-bit .NET application designed to operate on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10. The .NET 3.5 SP1 Framework is required. PowerSDR v2.x will run on 32 or 64-bit operating systems. Operation in a virtual machine (VM) environment is not supported.

If you need to install the .NET 3.5 SP1 Framework, the PowerSDR 2.x Integrated Installer will install .NET 3.5 SP1 from the installation CD or try and download the necessary software from the Internet.

PC Hardware Requirements
Minimum required CPU for PowerSDR v2.x and greater is an Intel Core 2 Duo and an AMD Athlon 64 X2 and greater. Lesser processors do not have the necessary SSE2 capability or processing capacity needed for real-time signal processing. A quad core CPU or better is recommended for optimal operation. FlexRadio makes a best effort that our products will operate on a wide variety of PC hardware, however we cannot guarantee that PowerSDR and our FLEX hardware drivers will run on all Windows based devices.

PowerSDR does not use a lot of RAM, but for it to run optimally, enough RAM should be installed in order for Windows to run well. For 32-bit operating systems, the minimum recommended amount of RAM is 4GB. For 64-bit operating systems, the minimum amount is 6-8 GB.

To operate a FLEX-3000 or FLEX-5000, the PC will require an IEEE 1394a Firewire host adapter. FlexRadio recommends using Firewire adapters that utilize the TI or Lucent chipsets for proper operation. Other Firewire chipsets have proven to work marginally or not at all. Please note that most newer consumer laptops no longer provide an ExpressCard interface (slot) for adding a Firewire interface, preventing their use with a FLEX-5000 or FLEX-3000.

Supported SDR Hardware

  • FLEX-1500
  • FLEX-3000*
  • FLEX-5000*

FLEX-1500 Owner's Manual3.0 MiB9306
FLEX-3000 Owner's Manual3.1 MiB5245
FLEX-5000 Owner's Manual4.0 MiB3999
PowerSDR 2.x CAT Command Reference Guide2.3 MiB285
PowerSDR FlexControl Quick Start Guide659.0 KiB2550
PowerSDR Keyboard Mapping File26.4 KiB1883
PowerSDR V2.3.5 Release Notes501.8 KiB537
PowerSDR V2.4.4 Release Notes487.9 KiB478
PowerSDR V2.5.3 Release Notes558.0 KiB691
PowerSDR V2.6.4 Release Notes583.4 KiB569
PowerSDR V2.7.2 Release Notes575.8 KiB4394
PowerSDR v2.x TX Audio Chain Block Diagram69.3 KiB1017
PowerSDR-DataTransfer User Guide681.7 KiB638

PowerSDR v2.7.2 Integrated Installer22.5 MiB41242

A comprehensive listing of files can be found on the Downloads page.

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PowerSDR Software Upgrades

Key Points:

  • All FLEX Series radios are shipped with the latest released version of PowerSDR software.
  • PowerSDR is an "mixed source" application distributed under both a GNU General Public License and a proprietary EULA agreement
  • All versions of PowerSDR are free of charge to the user.


Your FLEX Series SDR is designed to operate with the FlexRadio Systems PowerSDR software. Any new version of PowerSDR is available as a free download from this web site. Being a "mixed source" application, you may obtain a copy of the open source portions of the PowerSDR source code by contacting FlexRadio Systems and requesting a specific version of PowerSDR.

For more information contact FlexRadio Systems Amateur Sales.