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SmartSDR v2.0 Intro
PGXL Front
FLEX-6600M Front View

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Amateur Products

Rediscover radio with FlexRadio Systems. The leader in innovative software defined radio (SDR) solutions for ham operators worldwide. Founded in 2003, FlexRadio brings over ten years of experience in providing amateur radio operators with leading edge HF solutions.  Beginning with our FLEX Series and continuing with our current FLEX-6000 Signature Series family of HF/6m transceivers, FlexRadio Systems helps you rediscover your hobby by continually offering new and exciting capabilities to your rig that traditional radio manufacturers, or even other SDR solutions, can’t provide. And your radio is made and supported right here in the U.S.A. So come rediscover radio with FlexRadio Systems.

Commercial Products

Critical applications require professional-grade solutions. FlexRadio Systems provides field proven software defined radio technology to meet your most demanding requirements. Our Government and Commercial products support a wide range of RF applications. From high dynamic range multi-channel synchronous HF receiver/digitizers to high-performance network-ready HF transceivers and receivers to ultra-wideband satellite IF receivers, FlexRadio Systems has deployment ready COTS products plus an extensive technology portfolio to create the perfect solution for your critical RF applications.