Knobs and Buttons or Keyboard and Mouse? The Choice is Yours.

Now, you can command and control SmartSDR from your radio or your PC. The choice is yours.

Starting with release v3.1.7 of SmartSDR  you can now use your Maestro or M model FLEX- 6000 Series radio to control SmartSDR on your computer with the radio’s knobs, buttons and most menu controls. 

SmartControl Benefits:

  • Operate SmartSDR for Windows from your Maestro control surface.
  • Simple to operate RIT and XIT  
  • Tune into an off-frequency station, while still listening to Net Control
  • The easiest way to open and operate “Splits” 
  • A powerful, efficient tool for contesting
  • Tune to two different receivers at the same time with ease 
  • Change radio settings without interrupting logging or contesting software

If you’re familiar with multiFLEX, SmartControl is similar but with one important difference. SmartControl allows you to use either the Maestro or M-model control surface to operate the slices being used by SmartSDR for Windows. 

SmartControl is the power to operate however you want and to do it well. Whether you prefer the craftsmanship of precision knobs and controls or enjoy the benefits of a mouse and keyboard interface, it’s your shack, run it with authority. 

In order to use this mode on your Maestro and M model radios, first upgrade to SmartSDR v3.1.7 or higher on your radio and PC. Run SmartSDR on your desktop so you can see the Padadapter and Waterfall. When Maestro loads, on the “Select a Version” screen, you will see a “SmartControl” button if v3.1 is installed. To learn more on how to use SmartControl, watch this short overview video.

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