The Dream Frequency
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The Dream Frequency

It was before we got all that we have, that it was the hardest to believe our dreams would come true. Now, it seems like it wasn’t meant to be any other way.

But still, we can’t forget about what we held close that made us feel so inspired to begin with. For some, it might have been a bike, a ball, or maybe even a game of some sort. For others, dreams came in the form of radio waves that traveled across space and time.

Ham Radios have been around for decades, and for decades they’ve been doing everything from saving lives during emergency situations to creating competition in the field of radiosport. But for some, ham radio equipment was a gateway into a mysterious and unknown world that we no longer look at with curiosity. What happened? We’ve surrounded ourselves with possessions that the world around us told us made sense, and along the way, we lost sight of what really intrigued us.

We don’t blame you. With all the innovative technology that exists today why would you waste time with such an outdated device? You wouldn’t. That’s why we combined the two.

Founded in 2003, FlexRadio Systems has been chasing the ham radio dream for decades and we continue to dedicate ourselves to the advancement of radio technology and the innovation of our unique product. With an 8 inch, high-definition touch screen, the Maestro control console gives operators complete vision without needing a computer, while two real-time spectrum displays and waterfalls keep contesters on their toes during ham radio contests. From HF transceivers to HF radio receivers, FlexRadio has everything you need whether it’s amateur radio equipment or commercial. As impassioned ham radio enthusiasts ourselves, we understand what features our fellow operators really need and the functionality that they really crave.

So if you want to upgrade your old used ham radio equipment or if you are interested in getting into the hobby then check out our website or feel free to give us a call at 512-535-4713.

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