FlexRadio Announces Strategic Partnership with Raytheon
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FlexRadio Announces Strategic Partnership with Raytheon

Raytheon – FlexRadio Team to Develop Airborne High Frequency Radio

Air Force awards industry team $36 million contract

Dear FlexRadio Customers,

In a strategic partnership with Raytheon, FlexRadio has been selected by the US Air Force (USAF) to adapt its commercial off the shelf SmartSDR/FLEX-6000 architecture for HF modernization of airborne communications platforms. The joint press release with Raytheon can be found here.

We are excited to convey that our proven modular direct sampling hardware, Open Waveform API, and IP based architecture provide a ready platform for agile development to meet 21st century communication needs.

There is an old saying, “What goes around comes around.” Throughout FlexRadio’s history, commercial amateur products have been leveraged into defense products, which in turn, have been leveraged back into commercial products. We are certain that these efforts will cycle back again.

So how might this development affect you? While I can’t go into all the details, the positive impact to our business processes, infrastructure, intellectual property and human resources will enhance our amateur/commercial products and services. So stay tuned for more amateur product announcements coming soon.

Thank you all for your support of FlexRadio. We appreciate your business and we invite you to celebrate with us on achieving this significant milestone.



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