Find Everywhere

is wherever
you want it
to be.

Everywhere is not a place so much as it is a state of mind. It’s the willingness to seek, explore and uncover. It’s the thrill of connecting in ways you never thought possible.

At FlexRadio, we’re for every corner of the earth. The nooks, the crannies, and the generally hard-to-find. We’re for those places that aren’t even on regular maps, but should be and will be once we’re done with them.

We’re for bringing like-minded enthusiasts together through community and communication. Whether it’s rag chewing, Fox-hunting, or a far off DXpedition, through curiosity, innovation, and a borderline obsession, we’re all in. We love this stuff.

We’re for helping each other understand the possibilities of ham radio and enabling the desires to make contact. It’s what drives us, gets us out of the bed in the morning, and keeps us coming back for more. We are FlexRadio. And together, we’re pretty sure we can find everywhere. Won’t you come join us?

With SmartSDR, the software is the radio

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