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How many receivers can each operator utilize with multiFLEX?

multiFLEX will allow two operators to connect to the radio simultaneously. The two operators will be able to split the resources available on the radio. For a FLEX-6400, since there are two panadapters and two receivers available, each operator can have access to one panadapter and one receiver.

On the FLEX-6700, for example, the operators will be able to split the eight receivers and panadapters between the two operators. So if one operator wants to work DX on two bands, using two total panadapters and a receiver on the DX station on each band and a receiver in the pile-up, he would use two panadapters and four receivers. This would leave up to six panadapters and four receivers for the second operator. In a bulleted format:

Operator 1: 2 Panadapters, 4 receivers
Operator 2: 6 Panadapters, 4 receivers

These panadapters and receivers can be placed on the same or different antennas, depending on whether the radio has one or two SCUs.

The radio resources break down as follows:
FLEX-6300, FLEX-6400: 2 panadapters, 2 receivers (one antenna at a time)
FLEX-6500: 4 panadapters, 4 receivers (one antenna at a time)
FLEX-6600: 4 panadapters, 4 receivers (two antennas at a time)
FLEX-6700: 8 panadapters, 8 receivers (two antennas at a time)

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