Senior Software Engineer
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Senior Software Engineer

Please submit your resume to if interested in this position.

FlexRadio Systems in Austin TX is looking for experienced software engineers to join a select group of engineers building software-defined radios in our consumer and government groups.

In our laid-back environment, you will collaborate with cross-disciplinary agile teams building cutting edge software radio systems.

As part of our tight-knit software team; write performant code, participate in code-reviews, and share your achievements with others.

Your creative insights will enhance our software stack and allow you to craft flexible, maintainable software that will have direct impact on the company’s success.

Job Type: Full-time, contract or contract-to-hire

Key Qualifications

  • 8+ years of C/C++ development experience
  • 3+ years of Linux application development experience
  • Microcontroller and/or ARM programming, embedded firmware, ARM tool flow and debugging (C/C++)
  • Multiprocessor and multithreaded programming including locking, semaphore, AMP/SMP processing, mailboxes, queues, and other data structures for concurrency
  • Understanding of packet-based processing mechanics such as ring buffers, queueing, meeting timing in audio stream systems, etc.
  • Version control and issue tracking using Github or similar toolsets

Preferred Skills and Education

  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or Computer Science (EE, ECE, CS) from an accredited university
  • Familiarity with networking concepts (TCP/IP)
  • Familiarity with modernizing legacy C applications
  • Familiarity with DO-178C and ISO9001 processes

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead the design, implementation and testing of embedded software and firmware
  • Lead the integration of software on hardware platforms that are both developed and under development
  • Participate in regular design discussions, code reviews, and release planning discussions that ensure the team is building the right software for our customers and that the software is maintainable, testable and meets requirements


Per FlexRadio’s Playbook, the way we individually and collectively perform our responsibilities needs to be consistent with our aspirational culture. Below are the key themes and brief descriptions of what a positive reflection of these values looks like for all organizational roles.

Grab an Oar

  • Humble – When communicating with customers and colleagues, show respect and courtesy. To the degree possible, thank and compliment them while being modest about one’s own abilities. Take time to notice others and send a commendation regarding a colleague to his/her supervisor when something impresses you.
  • Take Initiative – If a need, such as a project, ticket, or customer communication has not been addressed timely, proactively try to resolve the challenge while communicating and elevating the issue to ensure all affected stakeholders are on the same page. If the need is outside of one’s positional responsibilities, offer to meet or provide another form of assistance.
  • Roll with the punches – Be self-aware, patient, listen well and avoid sarcasm, cynicism, and/or anger particularly with customers – even if they are showing those character traits themselves. Be flexible and willing to accept change positively, even when it is a negative short term experience.
  • Sense of ownership – Treat FlexRadio’s resources (i.e. funds, people, time, physical assets, reputation) as if they are your own, not someone else’s to be concerned with. Exercise prudent stewardship of the time, financial and other resources you’ve been entrusted with, using them responsibly and for the benefit of the overall company.

Row as One

  • Communicate – Listen (first) with patience and empathy, thoughtfully ensuring you understand others’ words, actions and attitudes as well as possible before responding. To the degree possible, ensure that assumptions about work required are kept to a minimum.
  • Trust – Choose to believe in colleagues’ intentions and integrity, as well as their expertise in the areas for which they are responsible.
  • Team Players – Do your part well, valuing the success of the team while not seeking individual recognition for one’s own contributions. Make a habit out of noticing and complimenting others’ productivity and finding ways to support them.
  • Flex is a family – Even when there are arguments, hurt or misunderstandings, value one another and seek to reconcile. Don’t hold grudges, and work through issues so that hard feelings don’t fester. Be direct, while also being courteous when there is an issue with a colleague, and resist the temptation to “share” your concerns with others who are not your supervisor or the colleague.

Lead the Way

  • Trailblazer – Be creative, stay well-read and current in one’s area(s) of expertise, and try to consider new alternatives on how to improve performance of ongoing responsibilities.
  • Think outside the box – Consider how the current way of doing things affects others, leverage technology where possible, and research how to collaboratively implement new ways to both improve service and ideally reduce cost as well. Look at things from a different perspective/angle, and don’t hesitate to brainstorm new ideas or question existing processes with others.
  • Courage – Be fearless, and do not worry about how others may respond to your questions or ideas. There are no dumb questions or suggestions. Don’t be afraid to try and fail, several times over. This is where good ideas are often hatched.

Salary/Wage Range:

Employment subject to successfully passing background check.

Candidate must be a US Person per 22 CFR 120.15

Each employee must agree to abide by the conditions outlined in the signed NDA, Office Employee Handbook, and Justworks letter.

Please submit your resume to if interested in this position.

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