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Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.RXRemoteAudioStream Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 RXRemoteAudioStream (Radio radio)
void Close ()
void StatusUpdate (string s)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.RXAudioStream
 RXAudioStream (Radio radio)
delegate void DataReadyEventHandler (RXAudioStream rxAudioStream, float[] rx_data)


bool IsCompressed [get, set]
int RXGain [get, set]
bool RxMute [get, set]
- Properties inherited from Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.RXAudioStream
uint ClientHandle [get, set]
bool RadioAck [get]
uint StreamID [get]
double BytesPerSecFromRadio [get, set]
int ErrorCount [get, set]
int TotalCount [get, set]

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.RXAudioStream
Object OpusRXListLockObj = new Object()
double LastOpusTimestampConsumed = 0
SortedList< double, VitaOpusDataPacket > _opusRXList = new SortedList<double, VitaOpusDataPacket>()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.RXAudioStream
void UpdateRXRate ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.RXAudioStream
Radio _radio
uint _clientHandle
bool _closing = false
bool _radioAck = false
uint _streamId
bool _shouldApplyRxGainScalar = false
float _rxGainScalar = 1.0f
- Events inherited from Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.RXAudioStream
DataReadyEventHandler DataReady

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.RXRemoteAudioStream.RXRemoteAudioStream ( Radio  radio)

Member Function Documentation

void Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.RXRemoteAudioStream.Close ( )
void Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.RXRemoteAudioStream.StatusUpdate ( string  s)

Property Documentation

bool Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.RXRemoteAudioStream.IsCompressed
int Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.RXRemoteAudioStream.RXGain
bool Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.RXRemoteAudioStream.RxMute

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