File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
 Amplifier.csRepresents a single hardware amplifier
 API.csCore FlexLib source
 CWX.csCharacter based CW system
 DAXIQStream.csRepresents a single IQ Stream
 DAXMICAudioStream.csRepresents a single MICAudio Stream (narrow, mono)
 DAXRXAudioStream.csRepresents a single Audio Stream (narrow, mono)
 DAXTXAudioStream.csRepresents a single TX Audio Stream (narrow, mono)
 Discovery.csFacilitates reception of Discovery packets
 Equalizer.csRepresents an Equalizer
 GUIClient.csRepresents a single GUI Client for the radio
 Memory.csCore FlexLib source
 Meter.csRepresents a single meter
 NetCWStream.csRepresents a single network CW Stream
 Panadapter.csRepresents a single Panadapter display
 Radio.csRepresents a single radio
 RXAudioStream.csRepresents the base class for any recieve audio stream
 RXRemoteAudioStream.csRepresents a single remote audio recieve stream
 Slice.csRepresents a single Slice receiver
 Spot.csRepresents a single DX Spot as provided by telnet, N1MM, or other Client
 TNF.csRepresents a single Tracking Notch Filter (TNF)
 TxBandSettings.csRepresents the settings for a single band
 TXRemoteAudioStream.csRepresents a single remote audio transmit stream
 UsbBcdCable.csRepresents a single BCD USB Cable
 UsbBitCable.csRepresents a single CAT USB Cable
 UsbCable.csBase class of a single USB Cable (CAT or Bit type)
 UsbCatCable.csRepresents a single CAT USB Cable
 UsbLdpaCable.csRepresents a single LDPA USB Cable
 UsbOtherCable.csRepresents a single unsupported USB Cable
 WanServer.csCommunicates with and parses messages from the WAN Server
 WanTestConnectionResults.csHelper class to encapsulate Wan Test Connection Results
 WanUserSettings.csHelper class that contains all user-settable WAN settings for a user's account
 Waterfall.csRepresents a single Waterfall display
 Xvtr.csClass for handling Transverters