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Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

int SendMacro (int index)
int Send (string s)
int Send (string s, int block)
void Erase (int num_chars)
void Erase (int num_chars, int radio_index)
void Insert (int radio_index, string s, int block)
double getTXFrequency ()
void ClearBuffer ()
bool SetMacro (int index, string s)
bool GetMacro (int index, out string s)
delegate void MessageQueuedEventHandler (int block, int radio_index)
delegate void CharSentEventHandler (int radio_index)
delegate void EraseSentEventHandler (int start, int stop)
delegate void InsertQueuedEventHandler (int block, int radio_index)


string[] Macros [get]
int Delay [get, set]
 The CWX breakin delay in milliseconds (ms) from 0 ms to 2000 ms More...
int Speed [get, set]
 The CWX speed in words per minute (wpm) from 5 to 100 More...
bool QskEnabled [get, set]


MessageQueuedEventHandler MessageQueued
CharSentEventHandler CharSent
EraseSentEventHandler EraseSent
InsertQueuedEventHandler InsertQueued

Member Function Documentation

delegate void Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.CharSentEventHandler ( int  radio_index)
void Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.ClearBuffer ( )
void Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.Erase ( int  num_chars)
void Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.Erase ( int  num_chars,
int  radio_index 
delegate void Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.EraseSentEventHandler ( int  start,
int  stop 
bool Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.GetMacro ( int  index,
out string  s 
double Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.getTXFrequency ( )
void Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.Insert ( int  radio_index,
string  s,
int  block 
delegate void Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.InsertQueuedEventHandler ( int  block,
int  radio_index 
delegate void Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.MessageQueuedEventHandler ( int  block,
int  radio_index 
int Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.Send ( string  s)
int Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.Send ( string  s,
int  block 
int Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.SendMacro ( int  index)
bool Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.SetMacro ( int  index,
string  s 

Property Documentation

int Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.Delay

The CWX breakin delay in milliseconds (ms) from 0 ms to 2000 ms

string [] Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.Macros
bool Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.QskEnabled
int Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.Speed

The CWX speed in words per minute (wpm) from 5 to 100

Event Documentation

CharSentEventHandler Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.CharSent
EraseSentEventHandler Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.EraseSent
InsertQueuedEventHandler Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.InsertQueued
MessageQueuedEventHandler Flex.Smoothlake.FlexLib.CWX.MessageQueued

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