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SmartSDR v2.7.3

NOTE: This version of SmartSDR has been depreciated and will be removed soon. Please upgrade to SmartSDR v2.7.6 at your earliest convenience. And remember, as with all new releases of SmartSDR, please review the release specific Release Notes before installing to ensure the optimal upgrade experience.

This is the SmartSDR for Windows Integrated Installer which supports the FLEX-6300, FLEX-6400, FLEX-6400M, FLEX-6500, FLEX-6600, FLEX-6600M and FLEX-6700. It contains the following SmartSDR Windows-based client software:

  • SmartSDR CAT v2.7.3
  • SmartSDR DAX v2.7.3

The SmartSDR v2.7.3 Release Notes are also included.

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