This is the high-quality headset-to-radio cables for connecting the RS60CF boom-mic headset to any of our software defined radios that use an 8-pin Foster mic connector (all FLEX-6000s and the FLEX-5000). Recommended for use with the M270 and M350-ADJ mic elements.

Tech Note:

This headset-to-radio cable is equipped with a new light weight alloy solder-less Foster Style 8-Pin Mic connector that features solder-less connections which provides a positive mic shield clamping fixture at the rear of the connector. This new connector “exclusively built for our DXers” to reduce the weight when packing and travelling to exotic DX locations, Mountain-top operating, Field Day or any occasion where

you are carrying your headset to a different location. USE CARE as you only need to snug the new alloy Mic connector onto your radio’s front panel Mic connector. Press the headset mic connector into the radio’s 8-pin Foster connector and just snug the mic connector nut.