There’s power. And then there is POWER!

Chances are, your existing radio does everything promised and then some. It functions flawlessly and performs at a level with little left to be desired. But one can never have too much power. Which is where the Power Genius XL amplifier comes into play. The Power Genius XL takes your perfectly good radio and amplifies its performance exponentially. It’s exceptionally clean and delivers full legal-limit power at 100% ICAS duty cycles. And it’s the only fully SO2R-capable amplifier on the market with 70dB nominal isolation between transceiver inputs. Like our entire product lineup, it is monitored and automated through an integrated Ethernet connection. It takes your existing radio and turns it into a legal-limit beast.

Plug and Play

The Power Genius XL is network capable with an Ethernet connection built-in. This means it completely and seamlessly integrates with any FLEX-6000 Series radio. And the fully integrated meters and controls allow the amp to be controlled from SmartSDR, whether on SmartSDR for Windows, iOS, or your Maestro. All through your network. Yes, it’s really that simple.

More Power Equals Less Cost

While increasing power is the primary reason for the existence of the Power Genius XL, there are other benefits that come with it. Frustration-free contesting goes hand-in-hand with reducing the cost and complexity of your setup. The PGXL lets you run SO2R (single operator, 2 radio) with one amp and one radio. When paired with a FLEX-6000 Series radio, it’s a plug and play SO2R that will greatly reduce your station costs.

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