PowerSDR 2.2.3 with RF Tracking Notch Filters (TNF) from FlexRadio Systems allows you to eliminate station interference like foreign broadcast carriers, "birdies", narrow noise sources and local shack interference with the click of a mouse.

Features Include:

Infinitely Adjustable RF Tracking Notch Filters
Up to 18 TNF Notches Active in the RX Passband - Including MultiRX™ and RX2
Three Deep Cascaded Notch Capabilities per TNF Notch
Permanent or Temporary TNF Creation
Visual TNF Zoom-TUNE Mode for Precise Positioning of the TNF Notch

See It!  Hear It!  Believe It!

(Change display format to 720pHD after starting the video for best screen resolution and faster downloading)

It is difficult to adequately describe TNF in words alone, so you have to see it in action by watching the TNF-RF Tracking Notch Filters video. Seeing really is believing.

To learn more, download the Tracking Notch Filter White Paper for a detailed technical explaination of the TNF.
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