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FlexRadio Systems HF/VHF Wideband Receivers are based on the digital direct sampling receiver technology in the FLEX Signature Series software defined radios. By removing analog mixers and components, the FLEX-6000 family provides an ultra-quiet reception experience, ensuring you can see and hear both strong and weak signals. Utilizing multiple Spectral Capture Units™ (SCU) for RF to digital conversion along with an ultra high performance on-board signal processing and control system to perform demodulation and modulation, filtering, and audio stream management results in an incredible receiver dynamic range, ultra-low phase noise and phenomenal received signal clarity.


Receive up to eight (8) different band segments on two (2) separate antennas in the most demanding RF environments, all while vastly improving operator situational awareness over traditional radio architectures. Continuous frequency coverage from 30kHz to 72MHz plus 135 to 165MHz is available with up to 14 MHz of instantaneous spectrum display per panadapter.