FLEX Series

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The FLEX Series from FlexRadio Systems is the radio family that started amateur radio’s Software Defined Radio revolution. What began as an experiment on K5SDR’s kitchen table has evolved into the most popular amateur SDR family available today. FLEX Series transceivers are characterized by exceptionally high dynamic range receivers with brickwall filtering plus broadcast quality transmit audio. The FLEX Series software defined radios employs quadrature sampling detector receiving technology performing a direct conversion from RF to an IQ-based baseband to a digital data stream. The resulting digital data stream is then transferred to your PC for processing by PowerSDR, FlexRadio Systems’ own software invention. The FLEX Series today consists of our FLEX-1500 QRP software defined radio transceiver.

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FLEX-1500 Software Defined Radio

FLEX-1500 Software Defined Radio

The FLEX-1500 is an entry level QRP software defined radio that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but large where it counts, having exceptional receiver performance characteristics that outperforms radios costing 10x times more.