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"I was considering an ICOM 7700. I went to the local HRO to audition the radio, but decided on the FLEX-5000A. Really no comparison. I already had a PC with enough processing power, and had previously owned an SDR-1000. The two year warranty and the Flex reputation for outstanding service were also factored into my decision."
Paul, K6HR

"I worked FT5GA yesterday at 2100 UTC on 20 meter CW. I used my FLEX-5000 and always called in the holes that appeared on the Panadapter. I feel the FLEX-5000 helped me tremendously over any other radio I have had in the past. This was country number 343 for me and they are all hard at this point."
Carl, N4PY

"Surely not one of us who had twenty meters displayed fifteen minutes after the start of Field Day could fail to shed a tear of sheer pleasure at having such a perfect and beautiful radio tool available! A PanaFall display is absolutely more spectacular than some big city fireworks show!"

"I bought and still have a Omni IV ( that is for sale ) and set it up for remote operation per their advertisement and techs that told me how great it would work remote...after 6 months of myself and a guru IT friend of mine working with it, we still had continued pauses and burps in the audio whether it was on receive or transmit.

I purchased the FLEX-5000A and it only took me a couple of days to get familiar with it and get remote [operation] working perfect. I spent the week at my beach house and worked my FLEX-5000A remote and no one even asked me if I was not at my home. They never knew until I told them. I also use [it remotely] while in my mobile with my Dell mini laptop and a broadband card with a external antenna on the roof. It is so nice to be able to ride down the road and listen to quality QSO's from my home dipoles and beams. No static on receive from the standard hf noise. Jump from 160 to 6 meters. ..Wow...thanks to all who have worked so hard to bring the FLEX-5000A to where it is today. It has really made amateur radio exciting again."


"Hey ya'll. RTTY contesting is fun again! Now if I could get higher antennas and a full legal amp....OK, I love the FLEX-5000!!!!"
Leon, N5PU
"I've had [my FLEX-5000 for] 1-1/2 years now and the best part is that the excitement never ends."
Jim, K5HY

"I was recently in California for two weeks running my FLEX-5000A remotely (radio back in NJ).

Using a Plantronics HS650 headset into my laptop and using the hotel's crowded wifi network I was able to use the radio successfully. People could not believe I was running remote. They stated the audio running remote was better than most station's local microphones.

Setup for remote was Skype for the VoIP audio transport (two accounts), Virtual Audio Cable to "patch" the Skype audio in and out of PowerSDR, and TightVNC for remote desktop access.

Latency was very acceptable except during some evenings when the hotel's wifi network bandwidth was saturated."

Dave, WO2X

"I am new to this SDR game and just want to say I just finished my first QSO with a new FLEX-5000A operating with a 24 inch desktop Apple iMAC running OS X, Boot Camp, and Windows XP PRO. As luck would have it, one member of the group I broke into on 40M is an "OO" and I received unsolicited excellent signal quality reports from him and the rest of the group on that frequency using all of the default settings of the PowerSDR and a Heil HM-5 mic.

I want to extend my thanks to Dudley @ FlexRadio technical support who took my call yesterday while he was on the road back from Dayton. He took me through the steps necessary to download the Microsoft Hotfix needed to mitigate the Apple/Microsoft Service Pack 3 SNAFU. A lot to learn now..."

Bob, KF6BC

"My radio arrived well packed, accessories (with the quick start guide of FLEX-5000) for everything else.

On Saturday May 16th, [I] installed it, making my RG-8 cable for the RF, and soldered the terminals on the power cable. Then I started programming, the drivers first, then the PowerSDR. All [went] very well and without problems, as explained in the FLEX-5000 manual. Once the setup [was complete], I turned on the radio [and it worked] perfectly. First I put it on 20 meters in USB and checked [the receiver]. All worked fine.

I only had a slight delay in making the setup for use on digital mode.

But an e-mail to Mr. Dudley (Support Department) on the Saturday afternoon and helped me [find] the video of WA5QPZ Digital Modes for Flex Radio part 1 & 2, taking notes necessary to start to use MIXW and Ham Radio Deluxe (DM780 and PSK31 Deluxe). On Sunday, May 17 got the settings I was missing and immediately start transmitting on digital modes.

My first contact was with Michael XM3NOO who gave me an excellent report and IMD signal. They also told me he had already ordered his FLEX-1500. Then contact stations DL2, PD0, YV6, HK1 PY2, FM5, EC2, W4 in different modes, PSK31, CW, RTTY on 20 meters all reports were favorable.

I am very happy with my new SDR and now I just need to keep learning all the details to achieve good results in my futures QSOs on digital modes. Thank you all for the excellent product and has my support for future projects."
Pedro, HI8PJP

"After thinking about it for a day or so, I finally opened the box my FLEX-5000A arrived in. Now I have completed the FLEX-5000A set up [and] all went well. [I am] very impressed [with the FLEX-5000, it is] all as expected and more."
John, VK6AI

"I have the FLEX-5000 which [by the way] is the best rig I have ever owned. [It] makes the loaded TS-850 that I had look sick. You know I almost feel sorry for anyone that has a regular radio. However when I see the FTdx9000 I think how great it "looks" compared the box with a blue led under my desk. And then I think about the PERFORMANCE of my FLEX-5000 and am once again happy!

You guys at FlexRadio Systems are the best and to top it off you make things in the USA. Now how cool is that!"

Zack, N8FNR

"For several years I used a TS-2000 for DX pileups and phone contests with no issues. Late last year I jumped into the CQ WW DX CW Contest. Frankly, that contest brought the TS-2000’s receiver to its knees. Strong close-in stations would cause the weaker CW stations to vanish. I lost several weak contacts due to that, and became quite frustrated.

After doing an extended amount of research into top-end transceivers, including the IC-7800 and the K-3, I settled on the FLEX-5000A. It became obvious that the design of the FLEX-5000A would deliver true superior close-in performance, and not play the “specs” games with roofing filters that other manufacturers seem to engage in. I purchased the FLEX-5000A and have never looked back.

I just finished the ARRL International DX CW Contest and it is obvious that I made the right choice. As an example, in the contest I was able to work a very weak station in Micronesia, who was only operating 100 watts, from between two huge signals that were easily 50 dB stronger and only about 150 Hz away on either side. This is true World Class performance. Additionally, the excellent resolution of the Panadapter made it easy to pick out potential contacts, making it a superior contesting rig.

Sincere congratulations on a very fine product. Count me among your devoted FLEX-5000A users."

Dale, W4AEJ

"The postman brought the FLEX-5000 to my home on Saturday morning. One hour later the FLEX-5000 has given its first try...

First of all, the Panadater is SO EASY to use! The audio quality is very good. Everything seems to be OK although I've not yet tried to transmit with it (the ATU is working good). I am very interested in digital modes and the FLEX-5000 is ready to operate with MIXW using VAC and Vcom. Great! No wires between RX/TX and the computer sound card! I will take time (as I am retired, I have time, which is a very important thing!) to read the documents and manuals.

Thinking of your website, I really appreciate the huge amount of documents and tips that a FLEX-5000's newbie can wonder, and I must say that this point took a very important part in my decision to buy a FLEX-5000. So, thank you for all. Have a nice day and greetings to the whole team."
Jean, F5MOP

"I am using the dual RX diversity reception capabilities [of the FLEX-5000 and the RX2] to great success here on 40m. RX1 gets the 3 element yagi and RX2 gets the selectable set of beverages. Truly amazing!"
Chuck, NJ6D

"I love my FLEX-5000C. I thought when I got it that I would miss the knobs, so I bought the Shuttle control knob, but I took to the GUI and after about 5 minutes, never missed the knobs on my Icom 7800, and just use the mouse.

Besides the Panadapter, which blows the IC-7800's little screen away, the FLEX-5000C's great receiver, and fantastic sounding AM transmission, what I like so much about my FLEX-5000C is the fact that it is so easy and intuitive to use. When UPS delivered it in May 2008 it worked right out of the box in minutes, and then I spent my time studying the setup and learning how to customize for my operating style, which is mostly rag-chew. I get great reports about my audio quality. I use a Valley broadcast mic processor to feed the balanced input on the back of the FLEX-5000C.

For a while I left my IC-7800 set up, but I was never using it. Don't get me wrong, the IC-7800 is a great radio, but the FLEX-500C holds its own AND is much easier and more fun to operate. When I recently built a new desk for my operating position I left out the IC-7800 and designed it around the FLEX-5000C, and tried to make it as compact and simple as possible. All I need is the FLEX-5000C. I am going to see if I can sell the IC-7800."

Rick, W1NEJ

"I just wanted to thank all that are involved with v1.16.1 of PowerSDR. I installed it yesterday on my laptop and it's working great! Realizing how much work goes into creating and updating the software, it is a reminder of what a great radio investment the FLEX-5000 series is."
Dale, W4NBF

"I questioned whether I would find the second receiver in the FLEX-5000 of much use in my station. I have a K9AY loop as well as the usual dipole and a quarter wave 80 meter vertical.

The diversity reception on very weak signals while linking the 2 receivers is amazing.. I have one receiver on the left speaker and one on the right speaker and you can tell when each receiver is the dominant one.. Amazingly, it can occur in a very short space of time (milliseconds). You can see it on the Panadapter also but it is not as apparent as listening..."

Jim, K4JAF

"[I] absolutely love [the FLEX-5000A], [it is the] hottest receiver I have ever had the opportunity to operate. [It] blows the FT-1000D, MP and IC-775 completely out of the water." Cal, W7IZL

"I [recently reviewed] the updated [FLEX-5000] user testimonials [that] I have not read in months. What more can I say as an early user of a FLEX-5000A since September of 2007? I say "Amen!" to all of the accolades posted by so many users of FlexRadio Systems equipment. And one more very important thing; I send a most sincere complement to all of you for the outstanding interactive customer support both in software operational issues, and for the manner in which you handled the few hardware issues I experienced with my early production equipment (serial number 3707-5065).

I was in the telecommunications engineering business from 1966 until my retirement in 2001. I've witnessed, and participated in a lot of development and change in the professional radio communications industry; from klystron microwave radios, the birth of cellular telephone, to lasers and digital fiber optic networks. The SDR techniques pioneered by FlexRadio Systems are one more spectacular step into the future for radio. It is a real pleasure, and downright FUN, for me to operate the versatile FLEX-5000A.

Gerald Youngblood had it right when he said something to the effect that the FLEX-5000A is a bunch of test equipment with a radio transceiver attached. It is the dream radio for an engineering oriented operator."

Jim, W4GB

"[I] just worked S79NS/P on CW with 80 watts using my FLEX-5000A on 30 meters. This may not be a big deal to most, but I don't have a gain antenna. What I use is a huge loop (I really am not sure how many feet of wire are up there) in my back yard with an apex up about 50 feet or so in the trees that is fed with an SGC-239 remote tuner in a waterproof box screwed to a tree. Sometimes I wonder what kind of pattern this antenna has but it seems to get out.

By watching who S79NS had his last QSO with on the PanaFall display I was able to quickly figure out where to call from using CWX. [I] only had to call a few times before he came back to me. Sweet! And using CW Skimmer made a huge difference as I don't copy CW very well.

You know I almost feel sorry for anyone who does not have a FLEX-5000.

However I see rigs like the IC-756PRO III and the FTDX-9000 and marvel at how "cool" they look compared to my FLEX-5000. Just look at the FTDX-9000 for instance; it has 35 knobs and 84(!) switches. And look at all of the filter choices. Then I look under my desk and see the single blue glowing switch on my FLEX-5000.

But then I marvel at just getting S79NS in the log the easy way and I no longer have rig envy......."

Zack, N8FNR

"My score, [in the CQWW CW 2007 contest] while not exactly earth shattering was achieved with wire antennas and my amazing FLEX-5000. You can imagine my surprise when a certificate from CQ was delivered a few minutes ago emblazoned with these words:


To say I'm chuffed would be an understatement! Long live FlexRadio Systems and software defined radios!"
Frank, GI4NKB

"[John, W5GI] you may recall I met you at the Timonium, MD Hamfest in March 2008 and that we spoke at great length about the FLEX-5000A radio as my upcoming 50th Birthday gift purchase. I was going to make my Birthday rig purchase at Dayton '08 and the Icom 7700 was my choice at the time we met in March. You may also recall that I am the Chief RF Engineer for the HAARP Research Station in Gakona, Alaska.

I have been using the FLEX-5000A since mid June and I must say that you were absolutely right! This is the very best amateur radio transceiver I have ever used and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy this purchase. The FLEX-5000A is a joy to use and I could not be more satisfied with the performance of the radio and the wonderful support that I only rarely have needed from Dudley at FlexRadio. The FLEX-5000A is so much fun to use that I now find myself rarely turning on the other radios in my shack and in some ways I now need to "force" myself to use the other "box" radios. The FLEX-5000A radio is just so much more engaging with PowerSDR displays and the satisfaction of using it is just so high.

Thank you so very much for your patience and calm persistence in working with me to understand just how good the FLEX-5000A is in all areas. And it will get better too!  I am so happy that I made the decision to purchase the FLEX-5000A radio!"
Steve, W4YHD

"I can tell you that you will be very happy with whatever FLEX-5000 model you purchase. It has, without question, the best capabilities and performance of any gear I have owned.  In over 50 years of playing with this hobby, I have owned all the top models. Again, the FLEX-5000A outperforms them all!"
Kirk, K6KAR

"I feel that I have two of the best HF radios that you can buy for under $3000 per radio and the question has been asked to me time and time again, "John, if you had your choice of only one of these radios which one would you choose"?

Without any hesitation I would choose the FLEX-5000. Are you shocked? Many of the complaints related to the FT-2000 are easily overcome with SOFTWARE and the FLEX-5000 just keeps getting better and better."
John, K3UR

"[I] Just got delivery of my new Dell VOSTRO 400, Intel Quad Q6600 computer this afternoon w/XP Pro (VISTA downgrade), ATI Video and Firewire card.  I loaded the FlexRadio software (FlexRadio PowerSDR) and it worked right out of the box!! I spent the night cruising the bands!!  [This is] the best sounding HF rig I've ever owned (Boise speakers really help)!!!!  It can't be any simpler!!""

"I really like [the FLEX-5000]. I enjoy it more and more every time I operate it. Its the best radio I have owned. Great work and great support."
Mario, YS1MAE

"I have done some side by side checking with my IC-7800, comparing such things as ability to hear weak signals, noise on reception, rejection of adjacent channel signals, AGC action, ability to tune across the band, and especially how the Panadapter works, etc.  I am so pleased with the FLEX-5000 in comparison.  One thing that stands out is the FLEX-5000 is a much quieter receiver with the NR off than the IC-7800 is with the NR turned on.  I ran the IC-7800 with NR on all the time.  I really don't even need the NR on the FLEX-5000 most of the time and rarely use it.  Do you know anyone who wants to buy an IC7800?"  
Jay, W5SL

My experience with Flex Radio Systems and the rest of the FlexRadio team has been great!  I have never felt this excited about a radio or about being a part of a company (the customer end) as I have about the FLEX-5000A.  I use to get on the radio if there was nothing on TV now I get on the radio every chance I can!" 
Craig, K9TEN

"Your people are the best!  There was some confusion last week when my order was going to actually ship, but then I received an email yesterday that it had shipped on the date that Gerald originally confirmed when I placed my order.  The FLEX-5000 arrived this morning and was up and running in less than 30 minutes on receive. [What a] fantastic receiver!  After another 30 minutes transmit was working fine.  [The] first contact commented repeatedly on the fantastic audio. This radio is a vast improvement over the SDR-1000 and well worth the money.  However, the SDR1000 will remain in my shack for the foreseeable future." 
Rick, N8MYB

"Here is another big win for the FLEX-5000.  I was in the big 80 meter Ducie pileup, not scoring, but hearing both ends of at least the US QSOs (using dual receive, naturally, but it was a 25 KHz split)."

"Then, the spot came up for TI9.  Ran over to 40 and snagged it on the second call (I'd worked it over lunch, but still -- never worked it until now and this 40m call is still the first day of the DXpedition).  Ran back to 80.  Still finding the DX listening spot easily in the madness.  And then, suddenly, there it was "WO0Z" from VP6DX.  First time ever!"

"I take time to look at the log.  Two all-time new ones.  Just about seven minutes between them.  400 watts to an HF2V.  And, I think it is the first day for both DXpeditions.  I have never done anything like this before. So, I decided to try 40m SSB for Ducie.  There was some South American talking right on his frequency, but it didn't matter.  I got him on the Second call."

"Man, what a rig.  What a console. This rig is HOT!
Larry, WOØZ

"The more I use [the FLEX-5000A], the more I like it.  I was quite the skeptic while I was waiting for the rig, but I am sold on it now.  [It has the] best TX audio that I have ever achieved (with the PR-781 mic).  The New "DX" mode has really made a big difference in my audio reports.  And the RX filters are by far the sharpest that I have ever used.  FlexRadio really has come up with a true cutting edge radio for a price that us "peasants" can afford!  And it will just keep getting better new software development!" 
Gary, W9BS

"[I] just got the FLEX-5000C up and running.  For those of you who know me, I can only say after just making a few contacts that this radio is definitely a Kachina Radio on "STEROIDS"!  Great job guys and keep up the good work." 
Sherman, W2FLA

"I'm stunned at how *good* the FLEX-5000 receives!  I've had, and still own, some pretty good radios, FT-1000MP Mk-V, TS-950SDX, and a loaded K2, and this rig is just so different, I really can't compare it to a "regular" radio.  The noise reduction is just staggering.  I live over a two-story commercial building, and I've always been plagued by power line noise.  Now, with one mouse click, it's GONE!"

"The Panadapter is equally impressive, and clicking on a signal to jump to it is just soooo nice!  I [am still] on the Learning Curve to get the most out of my FLEX-5000, but if it's _this_ good out-of-the-box, I wonder how much "better" it will be after I really start to understand all the neat little things that can be done with it.  Well done, guys!
Jim, KQ6EA

"I had the extreme pleasure of using my FLEX-5000A in yet another contest this weekend; the ARRL 10 meter contest.  I used it in both the CW and phone modes and it worked absolutely flawlessly.  What a great radio this is! It was especially nice to get several unsolicited comments about the great audio of my signal and I was in contest mode, not Hi-Fi."

"My other radio is an Icom 756ProIII, and yes, it's a very fine radio.  But frankly, it cannot hold a candle to the FLEX-5000A.  It is not even close.  Being able to see a portion of the band on the Panadapter and with a click of the mouse, tune to the next station on the band is almost magical. If someone were to make me the right offer I would probably sell the ProIII, and buy another FLEX-5000A."

"Keep up the good work Gerald and crew.  You have a real winner here. And it continues to get even better." 

Army, AE5P

"I got [my FLEX-5000A] a few weeks back and keep track of the installation time, 45 minutes.  I had pre-read the quick start but installed nothing.  So I started reading and doing and 45 minutes later I was up and running on defaults.  15 minutes later, I had changed the; buffer setting, created new vox setting, added 6 mic profiles and turned on VAC for digi modes.  Its so easy even an electrical engineer can do.  I only go back to the 1000 for one thing ---- QRPp.  I'm waiting to be able to turn the 5000 down to milli watts.   I've worked all of New England on 10mw on 60m." 
Jerry, WA2TTI

"I've had my FLEX-5000 for a couple months and have been very happy with it.  I have been using the "On The CD" version of FlexRadio PowerSDR so this AM I decided to bring all up to date.  I installed the latest software, the latest drivers and the latest firmware.  And WOW its a new radio.  A dozen minor issues were cleared up with the stroke of a key!!!  So the bottom line is keep your system up to date with the latest releases!" 
Bill, KC4PE

"I am very glad that I have bought the FLEX-5000.  It has a very good receiver and antenna tuner.  Much better than my last Mark 5.  I can recommend to everybody a FLEX-5000.  The FLEX-5000 was recommended to me by Dave G3RCQ.  He was right!" 
Les, SQ2CW

"My FLEX-5000A just arrived via UPS.....YEAH!  It took less than an hour to setup and it came right up and works great...of course!
Phil, W9DVM

"Last night (Feb 14th @04:03z) I managed a QSO with VP6DX on 30 meter RTTY.  It was a bit tough.  They were operating a wide reverse split listening around 10131 and transmitting at 10140.  30 meter propagation was long, so I heard very few stateside stations and did not see many blips in the Panadaptor."

"I put the FLEX-5000 into 'Stereo' [MultiRX] in hopes of copying a fellow giving the VP6DX a report and finally succeeded.  I dragged the blue transmit passband with my mouse onto what was a barely perceptible Panadaptor blip and managed to get the contact. Even though the VP6DX was near perfect decoding in WinWarbler (MMTTY engine), I only occasionally saw the mark/space pattern in the Panadaptor.  I guess the signal to noise ratio was very good."

"I may have been able to make a contact with my other radios, but the Panadaptor was major in finding the weak ones.  It so much easier to discern a DX operators 'pattern' visually with a wideband (192KHz) band spread than turning a VFO B dial and hoping.  Also being able to decode both sides of a split QSO is a great benefit in finding that correct QRG." 

Bill, W9OL

"Well..my new [FLEX-5000] came yesterday.  It was easy to download the software and plug in radio.  I was on the air in less than 20 min.  Everything works great, I made a lot of contacts last night and today with all great reports.  I use a 3.4 GHz P[entium]-4 and 3 gig of DDR [RAM].  No drop audio outs and CPU utilization is running around 20-25% when operating at 192 KHz using a 2048 buffer...Great job guys..worth the wait!" 
Robert, W5RG

"Let me just say that I am *EXTREMELY PLEASED* with the FLEX-5000 and have had more fun with it in a week than with any other rig I have owned, going back to my 1st day as a Novice in 1968.  And there have been QUITE A FEW rigs since then ;)  Thanks, Guys!!" 
Roger, W3SZ

"Hear me folks on this one.  This is a very exciting radio to operate!  I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do.  I have always thought the idea of having the face of a radio on a monitor was cheesy or something!  But then there was the FLEX-5000.  As everyone else, I think the Panadapter is the greatest!  When I operate the FLEX-5000, I have the recorder window, the EQ window, and the setup window open, and of course, the main screen that displays the pan adapter.  The FLEX-5000 must get its name from being Flexible!  It can do almost anything on the fly!  Even while transmitting I am able to make changes as I am talking!  I use a 22 inch wide display monitor, and I have to say, I can see everything I need to see and some.  Try opening all the menus on a traditional radio and continue to operate. There is nothing like a "Software Design Radio".  Now I have to say, it is a learning curve, but a learning curve you love to learn!  To me it just gets better and better as I learn the operations of the FLEX-5000.  All the features are on the Flex Radio web site, so I won't elaborate on this.  I have never owned the SDR-1000 or any other SDR before, so coming from a newbie, I am very happy to have purchased a FLEX-5000! I hope you will too!"  
Ken, K3YI

"FLEX-5000 has exceeded my expectations.  The receiver is very smooth and as sensitive as anything I have ever used (I thought the SDR-1000 was the best but there is no 11.025 KHz IF hump and I haven't seen any birdies, etc.).  Not having to calibrate [the radio] really is nice; you don't really appreciate it until you just turn it on and the FLEX-5000 tells FlexRadio PowerSDR how to set things."

"Fit and finish are light years ahead of the SDR-1000.  The size of the unit is a bit smaller than I had expected from the pictures and I like that; it takes very little desk space but it looks like a professional radio." 
Neal, K3NC
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