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"Tonight I worked 3B9WR on 40 meters CW on the second call with 100 watts and a vertical. The pileup of US and EU was HUGE! How did I do it? I called where everyone else was NOT calling. How did I know where that was? The FLEX-3000 Panadapter view, of course!

As a "little pistol" I savor every DX contact, and I work hard for new entities. Talk about a thrill, busting through this one! I have had my FLEX-3000 for 10 months, and I feel like a kid on Christmas day each time I fire the rig up.

The Winter 160 season is ending, and I have worked 22 DX entities with an inverted L because of my FLEX-3000. It's amazing what I can hear and how I can tune out interference. Can you believe I worked 4X at his sunrise when no one else could hear him? Or KL7 at my sunrise? Fantastic!

The price I paid for my FLEX-3000 is quite a bargain, especially considering the fun it has provided me. Thanks for your support of a terrific product line."

Mark, WD4ELG

"All I can say is WOW. This is the first new rig I have ever owned. My 20+ other rigs were all used but went up and down the rig food chain looking for that top performing radio. But this FLEX-3000 [is] incredible.  Anyone sitting on the fence undecided on a Flex radio, DO IT"
Jeff, VA3XQ

"I have only had my FLEX-3000 for a couple of weeks, but I think it is a great radio.  I have looked at it with my WaveTek Service monitor and it performs better than advertised on all areas. In practical operation, it hears very well indeed, but it also has great selectivity. I had the fortune to be place on the 6th floor of a hotel right next to another ham's tower and antenna system. Two things came out of this.

First I got to meet a new friend.  Second, I found that I could saddle right up next to him and still operate. Now I will grant, my wire out the window was nothing compared to his stepper IR beam, but the Flex-3000 did very well. He and I even had fun with a few stations on signal reports. They had trouble understanding why I was 2 S-units below him at the same location.  Antennas do help."

Jim, N7VR

"When you buy a FlexRadio Systems software defined radio you get much more than just a great cutting edge product.  You are also getting involved with the FlexRadio company and the owners and users of great FlexRadio Systems products.  No where in amateur radio is there anything like it.

Everything is first class and much more!  The people at FlexRadio Systems want you to have the very best experience possible and go out of their way to be accessible to their user base, both by email and direct phone contact.  The owners and users of FlexRadio Systems software defined radios are a incredible group of people who join in on constantly refining the great software that runs our fantastic FlexRadio rigs. 

When you look at the big picture what you really buy into is the "Flex Nation".
I am a very proud owner of a FLEX-3000 and look forward to including a FLEX-5000 to the shack also.  Long Live the "Flex Nation".

George, KI6NHY

"Thank you all. The FLEX-3000 arrived safe and sound yesterday and it was up and playing that evening for the Canada Day Contest. What a dream! The installation went very smooth with no problems. I think I had the manual memorized in anticipation of the arrival of the FLEX-3000. Thanks again for a wonderful product."
Doug, VE7GA

"I was just running a qualitative side by side test of my (now obsolete) TS-570S and the PowerSDR 1.8.1 on 17M SSB, listening to ZL1BYZ and several stateside stations calling him. The QUALITY of the audio coming out of [the FLEX-3000] compared to the TS-570 is like NIGHT AND DAY. Granted I don't have any [special] filters in the Kenwood, but PowerSDR is set on 2.4 kHz bandwidth same as stock Kenwood 570.

I am blown away by the fidelity from PowerSDR 1.8.1 and the FLEX-3000. By fiddling with the AF and AGC-T controls, I have total control and can adjust [it] so that static crashes and background noise are not even noticeable. It's almost like I am listening to an MP3 recording of someone talking, rather than an HF signal across 8000+ miles."

Mark, WD4ELG

"The FLEX-5000A has shown outstanding performance and I am very impressed. [I am] running 100w into a 4 element three band Yagi on 20m reports are:
  • VU 59
  • ZL 59
  • G5 58
Just to name a few, all on SSB.  Thank you to all at FlexRadio for such a top quality rig. Sensitivity and selectivity, fantastic 10 out of 10.  Keep up the great work so much appreciated."
John, VK6AI

"What a great radio [for mobile use], if I could install it permanently in a vehicle, I would get a computer with a finger touch screen and mount it on the dashboard. It would without a doubt be my all time weapon of choice.

And that simply just for the sheer level of quality - NOT one single mobile rig I can think of comes even close, heck, not one single base rig I can think of having used comes real close! For instance, no other radio I have had has been able to do anything about the very noisy computer mounted in several of the vehicles I use. Well, PowerSDR to the rescue; first NB, then in addition NB2 - and wham, the noise floor drops at least 10 dB depending on frequency.

So I will have to say to all the involved hardware and software guys working hard to bring state of the art SDR experience to the masses, that you have done very well . I believe you have what ought to become a highly successful product for the HF crowd in the FLEX-3000 - taking it mobile is a bit hard-core though, but well worth the trouble - there is simply no mobile rig at this performance level and using the car stereo AUX input is.... Well, go try for yourself, there's nothing like it, even short wave radio sounds great."

Frank, SM7/OZ0FT/M

"My new FLEX-3000 arrived today. I had it on the air in less than 30 minuets with
no problems at all!
Even with all my programs running and the FLEX-3000, my CPU usage
is at 25 percent. Everyone is complimenting me on the audio. thanks Flex! [What a] great radio!"

Reggie, K6XR

"Well, the FLEX-3000 showed up today. I boxed the SDR-1000 up and put the FLEX-3000 in its place. I downloaded the new Firewire driver and PowerSDR and followed the Quick Start Guide. SIMPLE SET UP! [I was] on the air in 15 minutes with nary a single problem!  I worked with the FLEX-3000 Owner's Manual to fine tune a bunch of different things and it all worked out as described. FlexRadio Systems sure has come a long way from my first SDR-1000 I purchased a few years ago. I had planned to order a FLEX-5000A , but the FLEX-3000 does all I need a rig to do and so much easier to set up than the SDR-1000. By the way the tuner in the FLEX-3000 works like a champ and the tuner button goes green (finds a match) each time I re-tune.

My score for the FLEX-3000 on a 1 to 10 scale? It would be a good 20+. The FLEX-3000 is really ready for prime time. It is one fine rig and I am one happy Flexer."

Dale, WT4T

"I currently own an Icom 7800 and my new FLEX-3000 is better and a heck of a lot more fun. I think the FlexRadio Systems' software defined radios will be one of the reasons Ham Radio will survive in the years to come.. [It is an] excellent product. Keep up the good work."
Frank, N5WJ

"I received my FLEX-3000 today and I also own the wonderful FLEX-5000 and after playing just a few hours with the FLEX-3000 and making several contacts I have come to the conclusion that this radio is going to be a huge success and is a terrific radio. In my opinion and for the money ($1599.00) [the FLEX-3000] is at least twice the radio than the BIG 3 in the same price range or higher that I have either owned or have used (Kenwood, Yaesu, ICOM, and a radio way out of the FLEX-3000's price range the TEN-TEC Orion II with Filters installed)

I thought for the price of the FLEX-3000 that it would be closer to the performance of the Ten-Tec Orion II but using it proved to me that FLEX is the only game in town if you don't care if your radio has knobs or not this is the way to go.

Just think NO extra filters to buy just plug, Load software and Play."

Bret, WX7Y

"The FLEX-3000 was a piece of cake to get [up and] running. The only issue I had was getting the power cables mated to my 30A Powerpole connectors, but a few minutes with the soldering iron sorted that out.

I'm familiar with PowerSDR having had the SDR-1000LP for a few years, so the software setup was pretty easy. There are just so many features with the new v1.18.0 that it will take me a while to really get the most out of this beast.

I'm probably not going to get much work done today!"

Alf, NU8I

"What a pleasure to have a QSO with Gerald, K5SDR, [I was] impressed with the FLEX-3000 radio he was using; pride [and] praise for the transmitted signal, while not knowing at the time that Gerald is the president of the company!"
Cristian, WV6N
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