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"I have the FLEX-1500. It is the best, hands down. I get reports of “you must have a hell of an antenna for the 2 watts you are running”. I get reports like this almost every time when they find out it is a QRP rig. I have made great DX and state side contacts. I have owned TenTec Orion 2 and 1, Jupiter , Omni 7, Icom Pro 2, 3 and a few Yaesu rigs along the way. Never again, Flex only Baby !!!!"
Robert, NØYG

"I got a FLEX-1500 a few days ago-----W-O-W !!!! This thing does everything. I have had many radios in over 40 years of hamming but this is without a doubt the best receiver I've ever listened to! The five watts seems to punch on through and surprises you and the one on the other end every time. Also, Dudley is the best and most patient tech support engineer I've ever dealt with ! No wonder everyone is buying Flex radios !! It's just super"
Jerry, WA4CQ

"I've owned the FLEX-1500 for about three weeks and it has exceeded every expectation. It is a fully capable software defined radio that is perfect for so many uses. Within 30 minutes after I received it I was on the air for a SSB, PSK, and CW contacts. Interfacing it to the computer via a USB cable was very simple and it worked very well on my three year old laptop. It is very small and lightweight so I find it perfect to take to the park for a few QSO's. The 5 watt output is great for QRP. I just throw a 7 AH gel cell and simple antenna in the bag and away I go for some relaxing time in the park with my radio.

Finally, when I'm not using the FLEX-1500 to make QSO I find it very useful on my already capable bench. I use it as a 48 KHz bandwidth spectrum analyzer via a coupler with a -50 dBm tap. Using this incredible radio with a 10 MHz GPS disciplined clock it far exceeds my 10 year old IFR-1900 or HP Spectrum Analyzer which are both NIST calibrated. It also serves as a RF generator via a suitable pad. Note: Please don't try to use it in this mode unless you are very familiar with RF levels or I promise you'll burn out either the FLEX-1500 or your equipment under test.

In summary the FLEX-1500 surpasses the capabilities of almost any Japanese brand radio at any price."

Mack, WB4MAK

"My FLEX-1500 arrived on Friday and I was up and running that evening. Saturday was the IOTA Contest and a great time to put the new QRP rig to the test. Running SSB into a ground mounted vertical in the side yard of my mountain cabin I worked the following stations - most in the IOTA and a few more on Sunday. What a great rig! I had a number unsolicited of "nice signal" and "great sound" comments from the contesters as well."
Rich, KB8AOB

"I just received my FLEX-1500 and had it up and running within 30 minutes.

The real excitement was that my very first QSO was with Rick, VE6CQ in Calgary over a path of around 7539 miles! Five watts and a simple 40 foot vertical wire hanging from a tree!

What a buzz! Congratulations to all at Flex on a great little rig."

Chris, ZL1BOE

"I received my FlexRadio FLEX-1500 three days ago for an order placed on 25 November 2008, but the radio I got is a completely different radio from the one that was announced at that time.

I am more than happy with the performance and since it has now a 5W amplifier I can use the same equipment I use(d) for my FT-817 (clipper mic, power amp. , tuner ect.)
It's worth waiting for that little gem!"


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