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2008 FlexRadio QSO PARTY (FRQP) Rules and FAQ

Join Us for the First Annual FlexRadio QSO Party.

FlexRadio Systems is excited to announce the first annual FlexRadio QSO Party Contest.  This is a "friendly" contest where the objective is to make as many QSOs as possible on the standard contest bands in any mode.  Making QSOs with operators using FlexRadio Systems' transceivers get you more points.

Please see the details for the contest below.

Objective: To work as many amateurs using FlexRadios as possible, for awards or just for fun.
1500 UTC September 27 to 2000 UTC September 28, 2008
Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, and 6 meters ONLY

Suggested Frequencies:

The following frequencies, ±5 kHz, are suggested for use during the contest:
• CW: 1815 (EU: 1840), 3540, 7040, 14060, 21060, 28060, 50060
• SSB: 1840 & 1915, 3975 (EU: 3775), 7275 (EU: 7075), 14275, 21325, 28325, 50135
• DIGITAL: commonly used frequencies, e.g. 14070 kHz for PSK31 & 14090 kHz for RTTY (on 40m use 7085 to avoid CW stations near 7040)
Each station may be worked once on each mode and each band for QSO credit.
The three modes are CW, SSB, and Digital.

The following exchange shall be used for all contacts:
• FlexRadio users: Type of radio (1K or 5K) and station location (state, province, or country). Examples: 1K TX, 5K OH, or 1K ON, 5K South Africa
• Others: RS(T) and station location (state, province, or country). Examples: 599 TX, 59 QC, 59 Germany.
The following method shall be used to calculate an entrant’s score:
QSO Points:
• Count 5 points for each complete two-way contact with a station using a FlexRadio.
• Count 3 points for each complete two-way contact with a station using any other type of radio.
• The same station may be worked once in each mode (CW/SSB/Digital) on each band (160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6).
• State, Province, or Country (SPC): Count once per band and mode. For example: working Texas using 3 different modes on each of 4 different bands yields a total multiplier of 12.
• Power :
  • 1 Watt or less = 10
  • 2-10 Watts = 7
  • 11-100 Watts = 5
  • 101-600 Watts = 3
  • over 600 Watts = 1
Final Scoring:
• Multiply total QSO points by total SPC multipliers by power multiplier.
Scoring Example:
Suppose an entrant running 100 Watts had 342 QSO’s with stations using FlexRadios, 150 QSO’s with stations using other radios and with a total of 100 SPC multipliers. Then their score would be calculated as follows:

 Description Quantity
 Points Previous Line
Point Total
 Point Totals
QSOs with FlexRadio radios
 342   x5  1710  0
All other QSOs
 150   x3  450  1710
 State, Province or Country (SPC)  100      2160   x100  21,600
 Power Multiplier
       21,600   x5  108,000
 Grand Total

Submission Info:

Score submission is done on-line.  There is a FlexRadio QSO Party Score submission web page is where you enter your QSO numbers and multipliers, after which your score is automatically calculated for you.  Your score is then displayed with all other FRQP contestants and ranked based on high score.  You can also sort the score display table on any of the fields by clicking on the field header.

The first thing you should do is create an account so you can log in and submit your QSO data.  We recommend that you do this prior to the contest so that you do not have to worry about creating an account during the contest.  Use the link Create your Log-In at the top right hand side of the
FlexRadio QSO Party Score submission web page.  The fields with a blue asterisk (*) beside them are required for calculating your score and proper display of the summery web page.

If you are creating an account before the contest starts, place zeros (0) in the number of QSOs fields and the number of multipliers field.  As the contest progresses, you can enter your updated numbers in your account rather than having to wait until the end of the contest.  We recommend you update your scores frequently so scoring is dynamic and as up to date as possible.  Remember, scoring is on the honor system.  There are no log checks.

Certificates will be awarded for the 5 highest-scoring US entries and for the 5 highest-scoring DX entries

Additional Important Notes:
• No cross-band or cross-mode QSO’s.
• Packet use is encouraged during the contest; feel free to spot stations calling CQ FRQP.
• Avoid nets and FISTs frequencies.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Do I need to use a FlexRadio or contact stations so equipped?
A. No

Q. Is there an incentive to work stations using FlexRadios?
A. Yes. QSOs with Flex radio are 5 points versus 3 points for non-Flex radios.

Q. How do I call CQ so others will know I’m participating in a contest?
A. Call CQ FRQP or CQ Flex QSO party.

Q. Can I work a station more than once per band?
A. Yes, once per mode-CW, Digital, SSB

Q . What if I change power during the contest?
A. Use the power multiplier for the highest power used.

Q. What if I change from a SDR-1000 to a FLEX-5000 during the contest?
A. It makes no difference point wise, just change your exchange.

Q. Can I use more than one transceiver during the contest?
A. Absolutely. This contest is about having fun.

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