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FlexRadio Systems Rules and Guidelines for Reflector Usage

For those of you who are new to the list or Reflector, here is a the list of guidelines to follow when posting to a FlexRadio Systems e-mail list or reflector.

The most important thing to remember is that this is only a hobby and above all, HAVE FUN!  We hope that these lists are both a good technical resource and serves as a FlexRadio community-gathering place.  We enjoy reading it every day and it really helps us keep our energy level high so we can continue providing new and innovative software and hardware products to the ham radio community.

- FlexRadio Reflector Administrators.

Signing up for a Reflector
YOU MUST BE SUBSCRIBED to a Reflector in order to POST to it.  Any postings sent to a Reflector by a subscribed user whose originating e-mail address is different from the exact one used when you subscribed, will be rejected. This is to prevent unauthorized posting (SPAMMING) to the Reflector.

This includes alias (forwarded) addresses like [call_sign]  If you use an alias to subscribe you must have it as your from: and return address too.  Subscribing with [call_sign] from your actual address of will allow you to receive Reflector postings from the list, but your posting or reply of a topic to the list will be rejected if their from: and reply to: address does not match your subscribed address.

To change your email list options or to subscribe / unsubscribe:
Reflector Delivery Options & Modifying Your Account Properties
If you are overloaded by the volume of individual messages on the list,you can view the daily FlexRadio Reflector messages for each month inweb format at:
These archives are updated hourly and list postings by subject. Just click on the ones you are interested in to read the complete posts. You can also set your list e-mail preferences to 'no mail' delivery,which still allows you to post to the list when reading via the digest.

You can also change your subscription to the DIGEST version, which sends you a single e-mail containing a compilation of all postings for that day.To change your email list options:
Scroll to the bottom of the page to log into your preferences page and set your mail options to 'no mail'.

Posting Attachments and Reflector Composition Guidelines
Posting attachments to the Reflectors is not allowed.  If you want to provide an attachment, such as a .JPG picture or other large file for use on the list, first post it to your personal web page and then post a link to its web address in an e-mail to the list.  The list strips all attachments to prevent viruses from propagating and to keep the archives at a reasonable size.

Composing e-mails in HTML format for posting on the Reflectors is not allowed.  All Reflector posts must be in plain or rich text format.

DO NOT POST MESSAGES IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.  It is the equivalent of yelling there is no need to yell in an e-mail message.This can be highly annoying and might trigger an unwanted response.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please keep the amount of copied text from previous posts to an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM in your replies.  Always delete everything from the prior post except what is necessary to keep your reply in context. Most copied messages can be reduced to one to three sentences to retain context.  Remember to delete the email list footer from the previous post.

As the number of users on this list grows, we will need to work to minimize information overload.  If a reply is not of interest to the list, just reply directly to the posting party.

Refrain form answering a post with acknowledgment replies, like “Me too” or "I agree".

Make the subject line of your post very descriptive.  It’s very easy to create a subject line that means nothing to anyone. This is the first thing a reader looks at to decide if they are interested in reading the post. 

Sometimes you want to reply to a message but change the topic of discussion. When you do that, you should always change the subject line; if you don't, people following the thread will be confused when your message doesn't match its subject.

Off Topic posts - occasionally there is a topic of interest to the hamradio community, but may not be directly related to software definedradios and FlexRadio Systems products.  In these cases, please place the "[OT]" brackets in the subject line of your post to indicate that the post is "off topic".

Good Reflector Etiquette
***Please keep all postings cordial *** Restrain the urge to e-mail someone admonishing them about a posting. The last thing we want to do is to offend anyone from using the Reflectors due to discourteous and harmful postings.  Overly aggressive postings and negative comments about other posters is not only disrespectful, it serves to scare away reflector members.  Before sending your e-mail, take a few moments to read it over to make sure you have not inadvertently said something you did not mean to say that could hurt someone’s feelings.  Remember, often one word placed incorrectly in a sentence can change the entire meaning of what you really want to say.  If you have a complaint about someone or a thread, please email it directly to list administrator whose e-mail address is found in the footer of every reflector post and it will be addressed as quickly as possible.

Please exercise restraint in posting when a thread is being heavily covered. Thirty (30) posts on one topic in a day is usually excessive.  Please do not post asking people to stop a particular thread, no matter how long, off topic or repetitive it gets.  The list administrators will step in when we feel it is necessary to end a thread.

Please do not post any direct attacks or snide comments directed at a list member. Enthusiastic arguments and constructive criticism is encouraged, but please keep everything cordial and friendly.  Members who verbally attack another (either via the list or via direct email) will be moderated or removed from the reflector.

Personal attacks, flames, or strongly worded derogatory messages will not be tolerated. (Pausing overnight before pressing the send key really helps.)

Please refrain from adding the Reflector's e-mail address to correspondences that were not originally sent to the Reflector.  These are private correspondences  between you and the sender and should never be copied to the Reflector.

Posts that consist of obscene or vulgar, disrespectful, abusive, defamatory, profane, raciest, or threatening language of any kind or acronyms that refer to such language, will constitute a violation of these guidelines resulting in immediate moderation or removal from the reflectors.

Typed language is naturally colder than spoken language, because it is stripped of voice inflections and body language.  Quite easily, humor can be taken as insult, especially if subtle.  Some users prefer to use symbols that hint at tone, such as the smiley face: :-)  It is safest to frankly note satirical messages.

To keep everything orderly, the reflector moderators may intervene when necessary to preserve the nature of this list.  They will do this off-line and occasionally to the list when it is appropriate.  Our goal is to keep the FlexRadio Reflector a fun, informative central clearinghouse for FlexRadio Systems information and enthusiasm for software defined radios.

What Types of Subjects Should I NOT Post to the Reflectors?
Commercial postings are allowed only if they relate to FlexRadio products, SDR, home brewing related to SDR, building etc. and are of interest to this list's membership. Please keep them as short as possible and provide web links to more detailed information. The reflector moderators will step in if we feel someone is posting too many messages of this type.  Promoting freeware products that enhance the FlexRadio experience is encouraged.

Solicitation of goods and services that are not related to software defined radios and is not of interest to the list's membership is prohibited.  This also includes invitations to social networking sites and subscription based web sites.

Please refrain for posting topics that do not have anything to do with FlexRadio Systems' hardware and software or the configuration of third-party hardware and software not directly related with FlexRadio Systems' products. The occasional "off topic" post is acceptable if you preface your post with "[OT]" in the e-mail subject.  If responses to "OT" posts become too numerous,the list moderator may step in and request that the topic be terminated.   Requesting support information from the list subscribers for third-party products is not acceptable topics for posting on the FlexRadio Systems' reflectors.

Never re-post private e-mails received from other people to the Reflectors.  E-mail sent to you privately is intended to be a private correspondence and not disseminated on the reflectors.  Doing so is disrespectful and will result moderation of your future postings.

What Types of Subjects Should I Post to the Reflectors?
Please DO POST your technical and non-technical questions and comments regarding FlexRadio Systems' products to the appropriate e-mail reflector. FlexRadio Systems customers are your best source for quick answers (and they NEVER sleep!). If you do not receive the answers to the questions you requested from the reflector please email us direct at support at flex-radio dot com, which is our technical assistance address.  We do try to watch the list traffic, but we may not respond to everything immediately and may miss some postings sent to the list or our personal addresses.

Please post your experiences with your SDR hardware, SDR software, crazy ideas, product ideas, complaints (yes - we do want to hear them).  All we ask is that the posts be addressed to the appropriate reflector list. All posts regarding alpha and beta software, software development or the use of unsupported hardware configurations should be posted on the FlexEdge reflector.
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