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 FlexRadio Reflector Descriptions and General Usage

What is a Reflector?
An e-mail reflector is a program that acts as the forwarding broadcaster of e-mail messages to registered members on a distribution list.

Here is how a reflector works:
  1. One member of the reflector or distribution list composes an e-mail message or replies to one.
  2. The user sends the message to the e-mail reflector (which to the user usually appears to be the list e-mail address)
  3. The e-mail reflector receives the e-mail message and automatically forwards a copy to each person on the distribution list.
The advantage is that the distribution list can be centrally managed so that everyone will always have near instantaneous access to information from the Reflector’s members and have the ability respond in kind.  The distribution of messages can be managed so that the mass distribution of unwanted or e-mail SPAM is kept to a minimum.

General Description of the FlexRadio Systems Reflector
The FlexRadio reflector is provided and managed by FlexRadio Systems and membership is open to all people. The reflector is intended to be an e-mail based electronic medium for the free flow of ideas, a place to ask and receive support and feedback from other Flexers (users of FlexRadio Systems transceivers) and the general advancement of software defined radio technology.  Membership is a privilege, not a right and with that privilege comes the responsibility of abiding by a few simple guidelines related to the type or category of topics posted on the reflectors and basic reflector etiquette so that the FlexRadio Systems reflectors do not decay into anarchy and serve no value to the Flexer community.
  • [FlexRadio] FlexRadio Users Reflector – Discussion and user based support for officially released and supported hardware, system, and software configurations. The FlexRadio Users Reflector is where new and experienced usersalike share ideas and experiences, express their opinions, help otherswith configuration and setup issues, and ask questionsregarding the operation of their FlexRadio SDR with the currentofficially released version of software.  This reflector is for the hamwho wants to get the most out of their software defined radio, use itto make QSOs and enjoy the endless possibilities that SDRs canprovide.  In other words, Flexers who are looking for stability and a consistency of experience so that they can get the most fun and excitement out of their software defined radio.  This reflector is not for obtaining official support from FlexRadio Systems support engineers.  
The General Purpose Reflector
Examples of Acceptable Topics
  • Any topics regarding the features, operation and configuration of the current released version of FlexRadio Systems’ SDR software (PowerSDR) running on any supported operating system and PC hardware platform.
  • Any topics related to the configuration, setup and use of third-party software, such as digital mode software, CAT enabled programs, DDUtil commonly used with the current released version of FlexRadio Systems’ SDR software (PowerSDR) running on any supported operating system and PC hardware platform.
  • Any topics about the integration of third-party hardware, configuration and or setup of FlexRadio Systems software defined radio hardware. Examples include interfacing power amplifiers, microphones, keyers, outboard audio equipment, RF signal processing.
  • Any topic related to seeking general information on FlexRadio Systems SDRs and PowerSDR.
  • Any topics about the technical operation of software defined radios in general and FlexRadio Systems’ SDRs specifically.
  • Any topics that include announcements regarding ham radio operating activities that would of general interest to all hams, even the occasional “off topic” post.
How to Sign up for the Reflector
To sign up for the general purpose Reflector, proceed to the Reflector User Management web page and go to the Subscribing to FlexRadio section.

Using the Reflectors for Technical Support
There are two ways of getting technical support for your FlexRadio Systems software defined radios and software products. The primary method is via the formal support provided directly from FlexRadio Systems by the Technical Assistance Group and the other is informal support from Flexers just like yourself who provide their wealth of knowledge through experience to other Flexers. The reflectors are the places where you can obtain this informal or user based support.

Occasionally, one of the members of the Technical Assistance Group will offer responses to technical support questions on the general purpose Reflector when the answer will benefit all members of the reflector, but you should always contact FlexRadio Systems support directly and not use either of the reflectors for specific problems getting your software defined radio operational or if you suspect a hardware problem.  One other point regarding direct support from FlexRadio Systems is that support services are limited to the current released software only.
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