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Supporting Vendors of FlexRadio Systems

"You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep. At FlexRadio Systems, we partner with only the best in the business."

FlexRadio Systems is proud and honored to have professional relationships with various vendors that provide products and services that enhance the pleasure and excitement of using our Software Defined Radios. Below are just a few of our valued friends and partners.

builds high-quality, multi-band, Off-Center-Fed (OCF) dipole antennas, constructed using top quality, flexible, tinned, 12 gauge, 65 strand, PVC coated copper wire. The antennas are shipped fully assembled and ready to put on the air. Our OCF antenna has been tested by the staff of FlexRadio Systems and works well with the various FLEX software defined radios. The OCF works on most ham bands 80 through 6m, the exception being 15, 30 or 60m). Used world-wide, they are available as 4-Band (40-6m), 7-Band (80-6m), and 8-Band (160-6m), with 300 Watt or 3,000 watt power ratings. Buckmaster stands behind their products with phone and e-mail support, and a one-year warranty. Buckmaster is also well known for their HamCall callsign database (over 2,000,000 listings). Our OCF antenna has been on many DXpeditions and earned a world-wide reputation for performance and durability (see eHam.net product reviews).
High Quality Vintage Manuals
For Amateur Radio, Audio, & Radio-Related Equipment
ManualMan specializes in amateur radio, audio, and radio-related manuals primarily from manufacturers who no longer support certain older equipment models or from manufacturers who no longer exist or do not publish printed manuals. ManualMan is now the authorized distributor and printer of the FLEX-5000™, FLEX-3000™ and FLEX-1500™ Owner's Manuals. The manuals are now available in a very high quality laser color printed version with either a lay-flat comb binding, 3-hole punched, 3-ring binder, or no binding or punched holes. Click Here for more Information.


N4PY Software offers radio control software for a variety of amateur radios including FlexRadio Systems software defined radios. The N4PY software does not replace PowerSDR, which is still required to operate a SDR, but instead works in concert with PowerSDR to provide the operator a different ergonomic user interface with additional capabilities not available in the standard PowerSDR offering. Usability features such an enhanced band plan management, CW ID timer, expanded mouse wheel capabilities and additional bandstack register parameters are just a few of the many features of the N4PY software. Hardware integration with third-party vendors, such as the LDG coax serial switch, StepIR antennas, external amplifier control, K1EL Winkey keyer and antenna control via a parallel interface round out the N4PY software feature set. For more information on the N4PY software, please refer to the web site.

W2IHY Technologies specializes in affordable audio technology for amateur radio applications. Our products are built to be used in transmitting environments where RFI and less-than-perfect ground systems can compromise the performance of audio equipment.

   Heil Sound is the premier manufacturer of high-quality microphones, headsets and other audio accessories for the Amateur Radio market.
   Down East Microwave Inc. (DEMI) A supplier of all your amateur radio equipment needs from 50 MHz and above. +1 (386) 364-5529. Se habla Español.
   Array Solutions' products are in use at top DX and Contest stations worldwide as well as commercial and governmental installations. We provide RF solutions to the DoD, FEMA, Emcomm, UN, WFO, FAA and the State Dept. for products and installation of antennas systems, antenna selection, filtering, switching and grounding. We also offer RF engineering and PE consulting services.

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