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This product has been discontinued as of 20-May-2013 and is no longer available for sale. It is however still supported in PowerSDR v2.x

FLEX-5000™ Software Defined Radios

The FLEX-5000™ is One of the Highest Performing HF+6m Amateur RadioTransceivers Available at Any Price with 2 KHz Spacing, Two-Tone 3rd Order Dynamic Range of ~100 dB.

FLEX-5000A - Rear View
The FLEX-5000A is the cornerstone of the FLEX-5000 family and represents the second generation of software defined radio technology that integrates all I/Q, audio and hardware control over a single FireWire (IEEE-1394) connection to a user provided personal computer.

TheFLEX-5000A was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate software defined radio in terms of capabilities and performance.  Ultra high performance DACs and ADCs are directly responsible for its phenomenal dynamic range and third order intercept numbers, making it one of the top performing amateur radios available at any cost without having to use expensive and specialized roofing filters.  The other strong points for the FLEX-5000 is its expandability and configuration flexibility. A variety of user installable upgrades such as the ATU (antenna tuning unit) and RX2(2ndindependent full performance receiver) makes the FLEX-5000 a truly full-featured amateur radio transceiver.

The multitude of I/O connections made available to the operator allows you to use the FLEX-5000 in a variety of configurations to match your operating style and mode of operation with ease.  Various types of microphone inputs, three transceiver SO-239 connectors, multiple user configurable keying lines, input for high stability clock sources are just a few of the I/O features of the FLEX-5000 that allows the radio to be used as an ultimate AM "rag chewing" rig to a highly complex VHF+ IF deck capable of operating on multiple microwave bands and all other possibilities in-between.

The FLEX-5000 Family of High Performance Software Defined Radios There is NO need to purchase additional expensive ultra narrow "roofing" filters to achieve world class dynamic range at any spacing. The FLEX-5000 includes at no additional cost an interactive 192 KHz lab grade RF spectrum analyzer with spot-on ClickTune™ capabilities for rapid signal acquisition and "on the fly" Drag-n-Set™ transmit and receive filter capabilities.
The FLEX-5000 series of radios have receiver performance and transmitter capabilities that exceed the $10,000 radios at a fraction of the price.  Why spend more money for a traditional legacy radio that doesn't even come close to the FLEX-5000's performance?  It's a "no brainer" decision!
To learn more about the FLEX-5000 family of software defined radios, visit the FLEX-5000A Details web pages for technical information and photos of the transceiver.  You can also download a copy of the QST advertisement from the web site Downloads page.

In addition to the information listed above, there is also an extensive Product Comparison Matrix on the web site that provides side-by-side feature comparison of all FlexRadio Systems software defined radios.

Click on the FLEX-5000A image to download a high resolution version

Features You Expect From The Ultimate Software Defined Amateur Radio

What separates a good radio from a great radio starts with its receiver. The FLEX-5000 has receiver and transmitter specifications only available previously in radios costing more than ten thousand dollars!  Here are a few other standard FLEX-5000 features you come to expect in a top-end transceiver.

The Second Generation of Software Defined Amateur Radio Transceiver
The FLEX-5000 represents the next evolutionary advancement in software defined radio hardware. The FLEX-5000 in combination with FlexRadio PowerSDR results in an amateur radio rivaling the performance and features of radios three times their price.

The BEST Receiver Available.
The results are in, the dust has settled and the performance of the FLEX-5000 is phenomenal. It exceeds the performance of the high dollar radios where it counts most; IMD DR3 @ 2 KHz. You have to hear it to believe it!

Integrated A/D and D/A Converters
The performance of a software defined radio is directly related to the quality and capabilities of the A/D and D/A converters.  The FLEX-5000 family of SDRs utilizes the highest performing AF A/D and D/A converters available for exceptional dynamic range. 

Full Duplex Transmit and Receive Capabilities
The FLEX-5000 was designed from the ground up to be a true full duplex radio that can transmit and receive simultaneously without the need for a second installed receiver . With this capability, the FLEX-5000 is positioned to be the ultimate CW rig ever made. For phone use, you will be able to monitor your actual audio that is being transmitted rather than using a monitor circuit in the audio chain.

Second Full Performance Receiver (RX2) Option Available
The FLEX-5000 is designed to accept an independent second receiver that is identical to the ultra high performance main receiver. A FLEX-5000  with the RX2 installed allows you to operate SO2R with a single radio.The transmitter frequency can be easily switched between either of the two receivers with just a click of the mouse.

 Just Some of the FLEX-5000 Features...  
Approximately 100 dB two-tone, 2 KHz spacing third-order Dynamic Range (IMD DR3) measured @ 14 MHz
+39 dBm 2 KHz spacing third-order Intercept Point (IP3) measured @ 14 MHz
123 dB of Blocking Gain @ 14 MHz with a 2 KHz Offset
-34 dB of transmit third-order IMD Products @ 100 watts PEP on 14 MHz
TCXO for ±0.5 ppm frequency stability.
Built In Test Equipment (BITE) allows for self calibration of the transceiver
External Connector for connecting an external high precision clock source for ultra high frequency stability needed for VHF+ operation
A/D converters running at 192 KHz sampling rate
Individual 11th order filters for each ham band.  Separate TX and RX Filter Banks.
Diversity reception with the addition of the optional independent high-performance second receiver (RX2)
Balanced microphone and line level inputs
Unbalanced consumer level AF line-in and line-out for connecting external recording equipment or Pactor modems
Three independent fully switchable transmit & receive and one dedicated RX antenna connectors available for the main transceiver
RX signal path "loop" for adding receive only devices such as preamps or BCI high pass filters
Three external keying lines that can be sequenced with user definable delays
Transverter ready
Optional full-featured 160-6 meter ATU

Single High Speed FireWire® Interface to your Computer
No more parallel cable connections to your computer fo r radio control with FlexRadio PowerSDR. There is only one cable between the FLEX-5000 and your computer; a 400 Mb/s (1394a) FireWire connection for greater performance and improved simplicity of setup.

 Improved 100 Watt PA  
The FLEX-5000A  has a new and improved 100 watt AB class power amp that provide a full 100 watts PEP from 160 to 6 meters.

Two Year Limited Warranty on ALL FLEX-5000 Transceivers
After you purchase your FLEX-5000 software defined radio we stand behind it with our unprecedented two year warranty on all parts and materials.  Another "best in the business advantage from FlexRadio Systems.

Input for High Stability Clock Source
The FLEX-5000 comes with an input for a 10 MHz ultra high stability clock source to stabilize the local oscillator necessary when a transceiver such as the FLEX-5000 is used as an IF deck for a VHF-microwave transverter.

Optional Wide Range Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU)
 With the addition of the optional antenna tuning unit, you can match the impedance of unbalanced (coax fed) antenna systems with a SWR up to 10.0:1.  The ATU is fully integrated with FlexRadio PowerSDR for fully automatic operation.

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