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FlexReady™ Personal Computers and Services
Custom Built Personal Computers Engineered and Tested Specifically for Running PowerSDR with FlexRadio Systems Software Defined Radios

One of the first questions every prospective Flexers has asked when considering purchasing a software defined radio is "what kind of PC will I need to operate a FlexRadio Systems SDR?".  Even though any PC you purchase today has more than enough processing power to adequately operate a FlexRadio Systems software defined radio, it might not be configured optimally or there may be hardware mismatches that adversely effect the performance of the PC resulting in a frustrating "out of box experience".  FlexRadio PowerSDR™ is a near real-time audio processing application and because of that, the PC and operating system must be configured in such a way as to minimize system latency and maximize digital I/O transfer from the radio hardware to the PC.  Microsoft Windows, by default, is usually not optimized for near real-time audio processing activities.  Furthermore, system integrators such as Dell and HP add third-party "value added" software that in many cases adds so much internal system latency that even the highest end hardware will not run PowerSDR in an acceptable manner.

Getting a PC configured can be one of the most frustrating aspects of getting a software defined radio operational and can lead to a lot of initial frustration.  This is particularly true for people who are not "PC savvy" and don't want to spend time messing with a PC, but who just want to get on the air and experience the new and exciting world of software defined radios.

Even though FlexRadio Systems does not sell or recommend specific stand alone personal computers, we have partnered with and approved third-party businesses who offer custom built PCs and optimization services for existing PCs that are specifically targeted to run the FlexRadio PowerSDR software with the FLEX family of software defined radios.  These personal computers are designated by FlexRadio Systems as "FlexReady" PCs.

FlexReady™ Vendors

Abroham Neal Software  (http://www.abrohamnealsoftware.com)
Hardware Offerings
PC Installation, Optimization and Support Services

"What Are FlexReady™ PCs?"

FlexReady PCs are Intel or AMD based personal computers that are specifically engineered and integrated to  be a "turn key" system specifically for running FlexRadio Systems software defined radios.  These PCs have been preloaded with a PowerSDR approved operating system and are pre-tested with radio hardware to guarantee compatibility with your FlexRadio software defined radio.

In addition to having the computer components integrated into a ready to boot system, a FLEX Ready PC provides additional "value added" services such as installing and optimizing a system specifically for the Firewire based FLEX software defined radios.  Each system is assembled and configured specifically for a customer and the SDR hardware they will be using with it.  This includes loading the current FLEX hardware drivers, FlexRadio PowerSDR™ and all of the necessary .NET software.

The vendor will also connect either a FLEX-1500™, FLEX-3000™ or FLEX-5000™ to the system and perform a 24-hour "burn in" to make sure that the system is a true turn-key solution.  There are options for installing VAC, virtual serial port software, freeware loggers and digital mode programs as well.

With any turn-key provided system, there is always the chance that you may inadvertently mess up the PC configuration some how and not be able to get it back to a working configuration.  This is not a problem with the Acronis Secure Zone option, where you can easily recover your system back to the exact default configuration as it was when you received your "FlexReady" PC.

"What Are FlexReady™Services?"

Not everyone is in the market for a new PC.  You may have an existing PC that has sufficient hardware resources to run FlexRadio PowerSDR, but for what ever reason it is running sluggishly and not performing at an acceptable level.  In these situations, what is probably needed is akin to a PC "tune up" or optimization.  Just like working on cars, not everyone is a mechanic and occasionally need to take their car into an authorized service center.  This is what FlexReady Services are all about.  FlexReady Service are troubleshooting, optimization and maintenance activities that are performed remotely on you existing PC over the Internet by highly qualified PC "gurus" that also just happen to be hams and users of FlexRadio Systems SDRs.  They can fix broken software installations, optimize the PC for better performance for near real-time operation, they can install and configure third-party software too.

There are different levels of FlexReady Service for you to choose from that include one time tune-ups and optimizations and longer term maintenance contracts of 30 and 365 days.  All optimization services are guaranteed to your satisfaction.

If you are interested in a "FlexReady" PC or one of the FlexReady Services, just select one of the FlexRadio Systems recommended FlexReady PC vendors listed above.

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