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FLEX-1500™ QRP Software Defined Radio

The Entry Level QRP Software Defined Radio That is Suited to be the Ideal IF Deck for VHF-Microwave Operation.

The latest addition to the "FLEX" family of software defined radios is the FLEX-1500 . A low-cost, low-wattage SDR that is positioned to allow ham radio operators the ability toexperience the incredible capabilities and just plain fun of operating a software defined radios without breaking the budget.  The FLEX-1500 is the quintessential entry-level SDR from the same company that brought you the innovative FLEX-5000™ and FLEX-3000™ software defined radios.  The FLEX-1500 comes packed with features that make it ideally positioned to be the ultimate low cost, high performance IF deck for VHF-microwave transverter operation.  With a price point set below $700 USD and the continuous improvements and upgrades provided by PowerSDR™, the FLEX-1500 is by far the best value for any entry-level amateur radio available today produced by any manufacturer.

In addition to the information listed above and below, there is also an extensive Product Comparison Matrix on the web site that provides side-by-side feature comparison of all FlexRadio Systems fully software defined radios.

Front View - FLEX-1500
(approximate actual size)

More Views of the FLEX-1500 Below
FLEX-1500 Front View FLEX-1500 Rear view
FLEX-1500 TRX Board FLEX-1500 PA Board

Low Cost Transceiver with Software Defined Radio Features and Performance
This is a common theme for FlexRadio Systems' software defined radios - a focus on  performance and exceptional value.  And the FLEX-1500 continues that tradition for a transceiver in the sub $700 price class.

No External Sound Card is Required
Just like all of the software defined radios in the FLEX family, the FLEX-1500 does not require an external sound card for the A/D and D/A conversion, so there are no cumbersome audio cables to mess with.  Just a single USB connection to your computer is all you need to operate the FLEX-1500 .

Small  Form Factor Facilitates Portable Operation

Like its "bigger brother" the FLEX-3000, the FLEX-1500 is a space optimized software defined radio measuring in at approximately 4" x 6" x 2".  in an all aluminum case.  Designed for most types of operating conditions, the FLEX-1500 is small in size, light weight and has low power consumption.

High Gain Preamp for Increased Sensitivity.
Sensitivity, not blocking dynamic range is important for a weak signal operation. The FLEX-1500 can be configured for weak signal operation using low-noise, high gain pre-amplifiers or attenuate it for increased blocking dynamic range.

Just Some of the FLEX-1500 Features...
Two-tone, 2 KHz spacing third order dynamic range measured @ 14 MHz of greater than 80 dB
Full HF/6m transmit capability
BNC Connector for interfacing an external high precision clock source for ultra high frequency stability needed for VHF+ operation.
Internal A/D and D/A converters operating at a sampling rate of 48 KHz
Built In Test Equipment (BITE) for hassle free calibration
Optimized reception for the ham bands and a general coverage receiver.
Multiple RF outputs for transverter IF or "full gallon" QRP operation
Dedicated Receive only antenna selection for use with the transverter IF or the 5W PA Transceiver port
Multi-Step high gain, low noise RF preamp for increased sensitivity on the upper bands
Simple USB interface to the computer eliminates messy sound card cabling that plagues other QRP software defined radios.
Compatible with all versions of USB controllers installed in any Windows personal computer.
External connectors for band data,  asserting PTT, headphones, key and microphone
* Specifications will be made available when independent lab testing is completed

Fully Compatible with FlexRadio PowerSDR and the New "Next Generation" SDR Software Architecture.
The FLEX-1500 , like all of the software defined radios in the FLEX family, is designed specifically for the current standard in SDR software for amateur radio use; PowerSDR.  And it will be 100% compatible with any future SDR software from FlexRadio Systems.  This ensures that the FLEX-1500 will just keep getting better with convenient software updates from the Internet. 

5 Watt PA for 160 to 6m QRP Operation
The FLEX-1500 is a low power software defined radio with an RF output of 1 milliwatt (0 dBm) PEP on 160-6m using the transverter antenna connector(s).  Five (5) watts nominal RF output is available using the transceiver antenna connector.

The Perfect IF Deck for VHF-Microwave Transverters
The FLEX-1500 , with its ultra low power output and 10 MHz input for an external high stability clock source, when combined with PowerSDR it becomes an ideal IF deck for driving VHF+ transverters.

FlexWire™ Version 2 Port for Control of external devices
In order to interface with external devices like relay control for transverters, key out for transmit and sequencing for transverters, preamps and power amplifiers, the FLEX-1500 will have the external interface capability needed to be a full featured IF deck for VHF-microwave transverters.

All FlexRadio Systems products are designed, manufactured, assembled, quality checked and calibrated in Austin, TX USA.

Product features, delivery dates and specifications subject to change without notice


FLEX-1500 European Union Declaration of Conformity

FLEX-1500 Terms and Conditions of Sale

The FLEX-1500 includes Amateur Radio band transmit capability, which requires a valid amateur radio license; therefore you must provide proof of your Amateur Radio license for all models with transmission capability at time of purchase. (2) All sales are final except under the discretion of the management.  Any FLEX-1500 accepted for return is subject to a 15% restocking fee and must be returned in new condition with all cables, software, documentation and in the original packing materials. The purchaser is responsible for shipping charges for returned items. 

FlexRadio Systems goes to great lengths to ensure that our software defined radio products are compatible with as wide a range of personal computers as possible. Unfortunately, not all computer-to-radio interfaces fully comply with industry recognized standards. For this reason, it is not possible for us to unconditionally guarantee that FlexRadio Systems' software defined radios will work with all combinations of personal computers and computer-to-radio interfaces. We are committed to working with our customers to resolve any incompatibility or connectivity issues to the best of our ability. The proper operation of the real-time audio processing in our radios requires minimum hardware and operating system levels to ensure proper operation. Before purchasing please refer to the minimum personal computer hardware and operating system specifications in order to make an informed buying decision.

FLEX-1500 1-Year Limited Warranty
This Limited Warranty is effective as of the date of first purchase by the consumer.  Original equipment warranties and manufacturer support for FlexRadio products applies only to the original purchaser and are not transferable unless a warranty transfer agreement is purchased from FlexRadio Systems. Before requesting warranty service, you should complete a careful review of the most recent version of the Troubleshooting Section of the FLEX-1500 Operating Manual found on the FlexRadio Systems web site or contact a FlexRadio Systems authorized service center for problem identification and triage. Any product returned for service that is out of warranty or has had its warranty voided is subject to a one (1) hour diagnostic bench charge (currently $85). This charge will be applied to any work performed.

What is covered: During the first thirty (30) days after the date of shipment, FlexRadio Systems will fully repair or replace defective product at their discretion.  For the remaining one year after the date of purchase, FlexRadio Systems will replace defective parts free of charge (post-paid) for transceiver components only. Any replacement hardware parts will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period or ninety (90) calendar days from the date of installation or repair, whichever is longer.  FlexRadio Systems will also correct any failure caused by defective parts and materials.  The customer is responsible for sending the unit at your expense to FlexRadio Systems in the original packing materials or comparable packing materials. FlexRadio Systems will pay return shipping.

What is not covered: This Limited Warranty as it pertains to the transceiver or radio components does not cover repair or damage caused by (1) misuse, negligence or user modifications; (2) any performance malfunctions involving non-FlexRadio accessory equipment; (3) connection to improper or unstable voltage supply; (4) improper execution of hardware calibration or test routines; (5) the incorrect installation of any and all cables connected to the radio by the user; (6) the use of third-party software applications or hardware that directly or indirectly controls radio functions and/or operating state by utilizing a communication or control protocol, such as, but not limited to CAT or I2C commands or (7) random acts of nature such as flood, fire, water, weather related storm, lightning or electrostatic discharge damage.

Limitation of incidental or consequential damages: This warranty does not extend to non-FlexRadio equipment or components used in conjunction with our products. Any such repair or replacement is the responsibility of the customer. FlexRadio Systems will not be liable or responsible for reimbursement for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to any loss of business or profits, loss of property, loss of revenue, loss of use, loss of data, inconvenience or cost of unauthorized service.

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